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Tuesday   2017/07/25

21/05/17 15:30Madhur2-1K FCMilanmore Ground

30/04/17 16:00Royal FC0-0K FCRoyal FC Ground
19/05/17 16:00K FC2-0BJACIla Pal Ground
18/05/17 16:00Royal FC2-3MadhurRoyal FC Ground
17/05/17 16:00BJAC1-1AmuktaGandhinagar Ground
16/05/17 16:00Madhur0-1Royal FCMilan More Ground
15/05/17 16:00Amukta0-1K FCGandhinagar Ground
14/05/17 16:00BJAC0-1MadhurMilanmore Ground
13/05/17 16:00Amukta3-0Royal FCGandhinagar Ground
12/05/17 16:00Madhur1-0K FCMilanmore Ground
11/05/17 16:00Royal FC0-1BJACRoyal FC Ground
10/05/17 16:00Amukta2-2MadhurGandhinagar Ground
09/05/17 16:00K FC0-1Royal FCIla Pal School Ground
07/05/17 16:00K FC1-1MadhurIla Pal School Ground
07/05/17 16:00Amukta1-1BJACGandhinagar gound
06/05/17 16:00BJAC0-4Royal FCRoyal FC Ground
05/05/17 16:00K FC4-0AmuktaIla Pal Ground
04/05/17 16:00Madhur0-2BJACMilanmore Ground
03/05/17 16:00Royal FC0-1AmuktaRoyal FC Ground
02/05/17 16:00BJAC1-0K FCIla Pal Ground
01/05/17 16:30Madhur1-0AmuktaMilanmore Ground