Milan More Gold Cup

14/12/14  Ended  Milan More Ground


SAI (Slg.)



79' GOOD SAVE!!  Shoben Deb shows some good skils and does a brilliant save as Karna receives a long ball inside the box and goes for shot. GOOD GOALKEEPING!


75' Substitution for SAI Animesh OUT Biawajit IN


71' GOOD SAVE!! Shoben Deb this time does a brilliant show and save a sure goal as he dives on to Karna Limbu's leg to pull it and collect.


68' GOALL! FIFTH for Kolabari. Karna Limbu take a first time shot from inside the box  to find the net , a poor goalkeeping from Shoben Deb.


67' Its more of a one sided game now as Kolabari leads the game 4-0 and are creating every possible chance to level up the score. SAI busy at defense line at the moment.


64' Substitution for SAI Siliguri Gulshan OUT  Gaurav Chawdhary IN.


63' Substitution for Kolabari Prabin Rai OUT Dewas Gir IN


61' GOALLL!! Prabin Rai makes the four for Kolabari. He gets the ball inside the box and take low powerful shot goalkeeper does well do dive and save it but it touches his elbow and rolls towards the goal line, which is been cleared by defender but lines man indicates the ball corss the goal line.


60' CHANCE!! Kolabari makes  a good build up from the left wing, Karan receives the ball and pass it for No#12 Bikash but his low shot was well collected by goalkeeper. 


57' Kolabari with counter attack pushes the ball in from left wing bit of miss connection with the ball before Karna Limbu gets the ball at right wing but was too late to take the shot.


56' SAI coming with frequent attack at the moment, but not really able to find the cutting edge.


53' SAI playing a good passing football inside the Kolabari's half trying to beat defence line but fails.


50' Bishal Rai attemts a 20 yard  shot, goalkeeper fumbles to collect in first attempt.. Karan runs  for the ball but goalkeeper Shoben Deb this dives and collects.


48' SAI trying to make a move right wing , but lacks coordination.


45' Kolabari makes move inside the box Karan  loobs the ball in and finds NO# 10 Bishal Rai but his shot is blocked by defender.


43' Quite a low start of the game as Kolabari looks more content with the socre line and SAI still looking into areas to beat the Kolabari.


41' Substitution for SAI Siliguri Suraj Chettri OUT Vikram Sarkar IN.


41' Kolabari YS gets the second half underway....


Half Time  Kolabari 3-0 SAI Siliguri.


40'+1' GOALLL!! THIRD ONE FOR KOLABARI!! Nagendra Limbu finds the net from a tight angel from inside the box.


40' One minute of added time.


37' CHANCE YET AGAIN!! Kolabari's No# 10 Bishal Rai goes for a powerfull shot from the close range but ball curls just above the bar.THAT WAS CLOSE!


35' GOALL!! Karan Limbu gets the ball in the center midfield and runs unmarked, one to one with goalkeeper and makes no mistake in finding the net.


33' GOAL DISALLOWED! Nagendra pushes the ball inside the net beating goalkeeper Shoben Dey, but is caught off side by the lines man.


30' Substitution for Kolabari YS Kapil Singh OUT Bikash Lembu IN.


30' Deep Chandra  shoots a pwerfull shot but goes above the bar.


28' Nagendra passes ling ball for Karan Limbur who moves inside the box and gets intruptted by defender, Bishal Rai gets the ball and his first time powerful shot curls and goes wide of the post. WHAT A MISS!


27' Subeen pushes a long for Karna Limbu at the left wing, he controls it well and moves inside the box but well tackled by defender for corner.


25' More of  midfield game now, SAI Siliguri looking to get the equalizer.


20'  SAI's Deep Chanda Ekka runs from the right wing and loobs the ball inside the box but way too high.


15' CHANCE YET AGAIN FOR KOLABARI YS! Nagendra Limpbu takes powerful shot but hits the post on goes out.


13' CHANCE AGAIN FOR KOLABARI!!Karam Limbu this time get the long ball and he is one to one with defender but could not keep control of the ball.


10' GOALL!! Prabind Rai take the lead for Kolabari Y, he gets the ball insude the box and makes not mistake in place the ball a far corner out of reach of goalkeeper.


9' CHANCE! for Kolabari YS as Subeen makes a long fitting from the center midfield  but Karan Limbu who was unmarked caught off-side by lines man.


4' Kolabari YS makes a counter attack and almost took the lead, Karna Limbu make a fine cross inside the box for Kapil Singh, but his first time shot goes over the cross bar.


3' SAI Siligrui makes an early good move inside Kolabari's danger area.


1' SAI Siliguri gets us underway at Milan More Football Ground....


Here are the teams line up


Kolabari YS: Dinesh Thapa Mangar , Dilen Limbu-, Divendra Tamang-, Sachindra Dhimal-, Subeen mainali, Yogesh Gurung, Nagendra Limbu, Kapil Singh, Prabin Rai, Bishal Rai, Karma Limbu
Kolabari Subs: Min Basnet, Diwas Giri, Bikash Limbu, Ganesh Khadka

SAI Siliguri: Shoban Deb Biswas, Subroto Mallik, Shankar Roy, Yam Bhadur Pradhan, Sani Sarkar, Deep Chand Ekka,Subho Dey, Gulshan Sober, Manoj Bhagat, Anismesh ROy, Suraj Chettri

SAI Subs: Sandeep Raout, Gaurav Chaudhary, Biswajith Roy, Vikram Sarkar


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the live update of Milan More Gold Cup clash as former champion Kolabari YS takes on defending champion SAI Siliguri.

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