Milan More Gold Cup

17/12/14  Ended  Milan More Ground



60'+4' Full time  GTSC Siliguri 1-2 58 GTC Shillong.


60'+3' Free Kick for GTSC Jesry No# 102 T. Singh take a weak low shot cause not harm.


60'+2' 58 GTC this time. Jesry No#9 Bikram Adhikari runs with the ball from after it receives it from center midfield tries to dribble for a while and takes the shot but is blocked by defender


60' Three minute of added time.


58' GTSC's No# 114 goes for a ambitious shot from outside the box which sails over the cross bar.


56' GTSC now is desperate for the equalizer and creating move inside the 58 GTC half....


53' Free Kick for GTSC and played inside the box, goalkeeper comes out puches away but falls inside the box, dnager not cleared, Jesry No111 Jeet Kumar  gets the ball and goes for a shot, Saroj Rai This time collects with ease.


51' Substitution. Dong Jong Lama OFF Rockey Chettri IN


49' 58 GTC goalkeeper gets the yellow card as he deliberately delays the play from goal kick.


47' Substitution for 58 GTC Ajay Tamang OFF Ravon Sundas.


44' 58 GTC  makes a counter attack and makes a perfect fitting but referee caught Suraj Gurung in off-side possition.


42' Raja Das looks in pain as he is down on gorund holding his ankle.


40' Free Kick for GTSC No#110 Raja Das take a  long free kick that goes over the bar.


40' Substitution for GTSC Tamal Das OFF S. Mandi IN. 


38' CHANCE!! 58GTC's Jesry No#8 shows some footyskills before being passing it to Sachin who place it in danger area but clear by denfender


35'  GTSC No# 119 takes a weak low shot from 20 yard and cleared by defender, he should have played at the  right side team mate who was unmarked.


33' CHANCE!! Ajit Karji gets the long ball inside the GTC box and he tires to take the shot beating defender but goes above the bar.


31' Second half kicks off...


30'+1' Half Time  GTSC 1-2 58 GTC Shillong.


30' 58 GTC now keeping the GTSC defender busy as they are invading thier territory often.


29' GOALLL!! 58 GTS scores the second. Jesry NO# 11 Roshan Gurung receives the ball just inside the box and runs in beating the defender and palce it swiftly into the net.


25' ALMOST IN! No# 19 Ajay Tamang goes for a powerful shot from the right side of the box, hits the post and goes out. THAT WAS CLOSE!


23' GTSC Jesry No# 110 gets the ball inside the danger area and delays in taking the shot, and palce it over the bar. He should have taken it in first time.


20' Almost an equal possession of ball in the field, meantime GTSC earn the corner kick, no harm at the end.


17' GOALLL!  58 GTC equalizes. JesryNo# 9 Bikram Adhikari gets the ball just outside the box  takes a powerfull shot and goalkeeper Basumatari has not chance to save it.


14' GOALL!! GTSC sets a counter attack and Raja Das get the ball at the right wing who runs into the bax and takes brilliant shot to find the net beating Saroj Rai.


13' Shillong side attacking at the moment and No#11 Roshan Gurung tries to tip the ball from the side of the defender but goes over the bar.


12' 58GTC no#10 Passang Bhutia gets the ball at left flank and tries to dribble pass the defender but well interrupted and Sachin Chettri gets the ball whose first time shot is well  blocked again.


10' Consecutive corner for GTSC, Saroj Rai this time punches it to clear the ball in center field.


8' GTSC now making some move from the right wing and Raja Das takes a shot on targeSaroj Rai the 58 GTC goalkeepr collects with a fine dive.


6' GTSC earns the corner, high ball 58 GTC goalkeeper collects it safely.


4' No#11  Roshan Gurung gets the ball in center midfield but was caught off-sdie.


2' 58 GTS slowlly setting the attack on GTSC half and Jesry No#8  Suraj Gurung takes long shot from center midfield straight to goalkeeper.


1' We are off at Milan More Football Ground...


Here are the teams line up


58 GTC Shillong: Saroj Rai, Kundan Gurung, Song Rai, Sumit Khawas, Passang Bhutia, Suraj Gurung, Ajay Tamang, Biren Gurung, Sachin Cheetri, Bikram Adhakari, Roshan Gurung

Subs: Janam Magar, Ravon Sundas, Santosh Rai, Harry Gurung



GTSC Siliguri : P. Basnnadari, T. shing. Raja Das, Tamal Das. Gobin Singh, Jeet Kumar, Ajit Karji, Muzafar Abasi, Lukhoi Singh, Ranjan Singh, Dong Jong Lama

Subs: Sachin Rai, Rocky Chhetri, S. Mandi


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