Milan More Gold Cup

20/12/14  Ended  Milan More Ground




Final Score Amukta Pariwar1(1)-1(3) B.S.F Jalandhar.


Since this is a knock-out Tournament the winner of the match now will be decided from tie-breaker.


70'+2' Full time Amukta Pariwat 1-1 B.S.F Jalandhar.


70' Two Minutem of added time. 


67' Amukta Pariwar goalkeeper is down is being attended by medical team.... he is up now.


65' BSF creating the move from right wing as Boy  Singh gets the ball and runs before he makes a fine cross inside the box and Pawan Tiwari jumps up to head the ball but jsut manages to flick it which falls for No# Avinash Thapa who goes the the bicycle kick but could not connect well with the ball and goes wide off the post.


63' FREE KICK  for Amukta from around 30 yard but a poor takes sails above the  bar.


60' CAHNCE! Amukta Pariwar No#10  Prakash Roy receives a good long ball just outside the box and runs in but welld defended by defender


57' CHANCE!! BSF could have doulbled the score as they make a good move form left wing and pushes the ball deep inside the danger area but goes wide after deflection.


55' Substitution for Amukta No#15 Raj Subba OFF Jesry No#15 Sandeep Bhagat IN


53' GOALLL!! BSF EQUALISES! Jersy No#9 gets the ball inside the ball and and he makes nno mistake this time in pushing the ball in to the net through his fine head.


49 'Consecutive corner for the BSF, they are pressing hard for the equalizer.


48' Counter attack by BSF Boy SIngh gets the long ball at the right flank and plays a one to one with Avinash Thapa, Boy Singn goes deep into the box from the right and tries to reach the ball but is been cleared by defender.


46' Amukta this time building up move from right wind tries to get deep into the box but #10 Prakash Roy could nt control the ball well. Goal Kick.


44' Free kick for BSF from the left wing and a good take just misses the far post with inches.


42' Amukta  Pariwar runs for the counter  attack and earns the corner kick, no harm at the end.


41' CHANCE! BSF No#11 Avinash Thapa gets the long ball just outside the box and palce it at the left wing for rushing #12 HemaRam who does well to corss it the 12 yard area and received by #9 Pawan Tiwari but his weak shot goes wide of the post.


39' BSF looking for the equlizer and they are making move from the right flank and earns throwin... that is headed away for the corner.  No#12 receives the ball from corner kick just inside the box after dflection and goes for the powerful shot but misses the post.


37' Amukta Pariwar No#17 runs with the ball from the right wing but he fails to control the ball and cleared by denfender.


36' BSF Jalandhar takes the second half underway...


35' Half Time Amukta Pariwar 1-0 B.S.F. Jalandhar.


34' BSF THIS TIME!! No#11 Avinash Thapa goes for the shot from just inside the the box, but that sails above the bar.


32' MISS! Amukta Pariwar playes a long ball from the midfield and No# 7 runs for the ball just inside the ball but BSF defender while tring to clear the ball that goes to No#10 Prakash Roy who goes for the fisrt time palcing and that just misses the post by inches.THAT WAS A CLOSE MISS!


30' Substitution for BSF Taranjeet OFF Hopna IN


28'GOALLL!!  Amukta Pariwar earns the corner kick and brilliant takes goes straight to JesryNo#10 heads, as he was umnmarked and does no mistake in directing the ball into the net.


Substitutioin  Banti Singh OFF Roy Singh IN.


25' CHNACE! BSF No#12 Hemaram gets the ball just in front of the post, he is unmarked, and goes for the first time powerful shot that flies above the bar. BAD MISS!!


23' Amukta this time manges to cross the center line comes near to box but BSF defeder are in confort zone clears the ball with ease.


19' BSF earn yet another corner and this the high ball comes to NO#12 Hemaram who ties to direct the ball that goes wide off the post,


17' BSF at the moment pressing hard on Amukta defense line and earns three consecutive corner but no harm at the end.


15' CHANCE!! BSF Jalandhar makes  the move from right  wing and the long corss is received by #2 S. Das and goes places a high ball inside the box which is well headed away by AMukta Pariwar defender.


11' Banti Singh gets the yellow card for the harsh tackle.


10' CHANCE! BSF does a good move as No#9 Pawan Tiwari runs with ball from center midfield and passes to NO#11 Avinash Thapa who tries to make the ball for NO#14 Banti SIngh at the right wing  but touches too heavealy and goes for throw in.


7' Counter attack by Amukta Pariwar as No# 10Prakash Roy runs with the ball at left wing but does a poor cross and cleared by defender.


5' BSF gets the first corner of the match but a poor take, goes out of the goaline.


2' Amukta Pariwar makes the move frim left wing and   Subroto Soren does a long cross tha's too long and No#7 Randaeep Das gets the ball outside the box and goes for first time shot blocked by defnder.


1' We are off at Milan More Football Ground

Amukta Pariwar Line up:  Ajay Nag,  Leo Toppo, Sanjay Nag, Gopal Roy, Randeep Das, Sanjay Toppo, Bikram Chamling, Roshan Chettri, Shubroto Sorou,  Raj Subba, Prakash Roy.

Substitue:  Dawa Tamang, Bishnu Oraon, Sandeep Bhaggat, Ranjit Oraon




BSF Jalandar:  Ravinder Singh, N.K. Basak, Bapi Sarkar, S.S. Das, R. Hembram, Taranjit, N. Henry Sing, Banti Singh, Avinash Thapa, P.K. Tiwari.

Substitue:  Machinder Singh, P.H. Boy Sing, R.K. Chhetri, Sarabjit Singh, Pradeep T. Boro


Hello and welcome back to Goalie365 for the live update of Milan More Gold Cup as Amukta Pariwat takes on BSF Jalandhar in todays clash at Milan More Ground.

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