Jr. EB
Milan More Gold Cup

22/12/14  Ended  Milan More Ground






The game has tied the audiance with the game and they ar enjoing every shot thats been taken so far in the penalty shot. Its breath taking.


Both the team scored three goals out of the five penalty shot taken. Now its sudden death.


We move into tie-breaker straight to decide the winner of the match as the there is no flood light provission and its getting dark here.


Full time Jr. East Bengal 2-2 Gorkha Brigade Lucknow.

80'+1' Substitution for Lucknow Goalkeeper  Birju Mohan OFF Vickey Singh IN


80' One Minute of added time


79' GOALLL!! East Bengal Jr equalises! Its 2-2. Rajesh Subba this time  receives the ball inside the box and the powerfull shot beats the Lucknow goalkeeper to find the net.WHAT A COME BACK BY Jr. EAST BENGAL!


77' GOALL!! EAST BENGAL PULLS BACK ONE! Uttam Das gets the ball inside the ball and he makes not mistake in finding the net with a powerful shot.


76'  CHANCE! East Bengal jr No10 gets the ball inside the box  but he fails to control it and cleared by defender.


76' SAVE!! Subha Mahajan is brilliant in between the post this afternoon as he does another brilliant save denying the outside the box shot of Dhurba Prasad.


73' East Bengal Jr now looking desperate to come back to game and they are in attack and coming close between the post.


71' Substitution for East Bengal Arbind Paul OFF Suraj Rasaily IN


68' CHANCE! East Bengal Jr this time makes a good move from the  left wing and  No#10 Santanu Karmakar gets the ball inside the box, he should have gone for the first time shot, he delays and dfender blocks the weak shot.


64'  ACROBATIC SAVE! Lucknow earns the corner and the fine take was well collected by No#9 Lepcha to direct the ball to eadge of the bar, Subha Mahajan does a brillinat SAVE! THAT WAS CLOSE! AND AN EXCEPTIONAL SAVE!


63' Army look content with the lead as there game play is slow at the moment though they continue to attack East Bengal half.


60' Substitution for Gorkha Brigade Tez Kumar Singh OFF R Lepcha IN

58' Free Kick for Lucknow from the left flank and No#3 Santu Subba goes for the shot and Jr East Bengal  goalkeeper Subha Mahajan collects it safely.


56' Bit of midfield play at the moment as both the team trying to make move to create chances.


53' Yellow for East Bengal No#8


51'CHANCE FOR EAST BENGAL Jr.!  No# 9 Arvind Paul does well to get deep inside to Lucknow box and makes a perfect pass  No#18 Rahul Roy flies to connect to ball but could not reach. THAT WAS CLOSE!


49' Gorkha Brigade build up the attack from the left wing and   does a fine cross which sails towards the goaline but East Bengal goalkeeper dives to push it away for the corner.WHAT A MOVE!


47' Gorkha Brigade is at comfort zone with 2 -nil lead and East Bengal need to come big idesa to came back to game before its too late.


46' Gorkha Brigade takes the second half underway.....


At Half Time 'Gorkha Brigade leads with 2-0 to Jr. East Bengal with the goals scored by Jesry No#10 in 33 and 37 minute.


Teams line up:


Gorkha Brigade  Lucknow:  Birju Mohan,  Suraj Rawat, Gurpet Singh, Pranesh Subba, Romesh Singh, Tez Kumar Singh, Puspa Das, Dhurba Prasad, Sanju Subba, Tshering Bhutia,Pranoy Rai


Subs:  Vicky Singh, Howeshwar Singh, Simon Anal, Sanga, Roci Lepcha,  Abdul Hamid, Awesh Gurung


Jr. East Bengal:  Subha Mahajan, Pratik Lama, Sattar Ali, Manjo MD, Sany Arur, Uttam Das, Pradip Roy, Arabinda Paul, Rajesh Subba, Rahul Roy, Gopal Paul


Subs: Saurav Toppo, Amarjit Oraon, Dehaditya Roy Sarkar, Bijoy Roy, Firoj Ansari, Santanu Karmakar, Swapan Charu, Suraj Rasaily. 



We will provide you with play to play update from second half....


The is game has alrady kicked off and 30 minute of game is been played so far.


Apology for the delay updated of today's Milan More Gold Cup Clash as Jr East Bengal meets Gorkha Brigade Lucknow.

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