Milan More Gold Cup

24/12/14  Ended  Milan More Ground



80' Full time BSF Jalandhar 0-4 Kolabari YS


79' Substitution No#9 Ganesh Khadka OFF Bikash Limbu IN


77' BSF has no way to come back to game now as we are approaching towards the finishing time.


75' PENALTY GOALL!! Fourth for Kolabari. BSF No#4 M Pradeep brings down the No#10 Bishal Rai(A) inside the box and referee ahs no hesitation in pointing towards the twelve yard spot kick. Karan Limmbu does not mistake in beating the goalkeeper from the penalty spot.


72' CHANCE! for Kolabari YS again. No#9 Ganesh Khadk receives the ball and goes for the shot but deflected for corner.


70' Its more of one side game now Kolabari YS has is dominatiing the the game and they look content with the three goal lead.


65' GOALLL!! Kolabari YS makes it three- nil. This time no#2 Yogesh Guruung chips the ball into the box from around 40 yards the ball sails into the net as goalkeeper was out of position. 


63' CHNACE FOR BSF!! NO#7  Boy Singh runs from the right wing and makes a fine fitting for No#11 Avinash Thapa who goes for the first time shot that sails over the bar.


63' BSF earns the corner and find corner kick is well collected by goalkeeper  Dinesh Thapa  with ease as not one to disturb him.


60' CLOSE!! Kolabari yet agian makes the move from right wing and the cross is collected by No#2 Yogesh Gurung who goes for the shot and keeper collects after the deflection. ITS KOLABARI EVERYWHERE!


58' BSF Jalandhar is not able to match Kolabari's game play as they are been beaten in every move they are making. BSF desperate to come back to game.


54' GOALLL! Koalbari YS doubles the lead. No#12 Bishal Rai(B) again. He gets the ball inside the box after bit of tussel and miss pass and BSF goalkeeper could not stop firecy close range shot,


51' CHNACE! Kolabari YS No#9  Gansh Khadka gets the long ball at the left wing just outside the box, he goes for first time curling shot that sails over the bar.WHAT A MISS!!


49' Substitution for BSF No#2 Sisir Gurung OFF No#17  P.B Ekka IN


46' No#7 Karan Limbu runs with the ball inside the box but his last touch is too heavy  to reach and ball rolls over for the goal kick.


44' CHNACE! Kolabari YS come close ot double the lead as No#9 PK Tiwari pushes the ball inside the 8 yard but finds no one.

42' BSF No#7 takes an ambitious shot from 40 yard  that sails over the bar.


41' Substitution for BSF P.K. Tiwari OFF Henry Singh IN.


41'Kolabari YS takes the second half underway....


40' Half Time BSF Jalandhar 0-1 Kolabari YC


37' Kolabari YC again create the move as No#10 Bishal Rai(A) gets the long ball and plays one to one with No#7 Karan Limbu but lines man cought him off side. GOOD MOVE THOUGH!!


33' GOALLL!! Kolabari YC takes the lead. Jesry No#12 BIshal Rai made a perfect palceing from just inside the box after  NO#8 Nagender Limbu selflessly makes the ball for No#9 after receiving a cross from the left wing.


28' BSF No#9 P.K Tiwari is on the ground as he hurt his head while trying to clear the ball...he is streatchered out.


26' Kolabari C's Yogesh Gunrung  runs from the left flank to create the danger but his inside the box corss cleared by BSF defender.


24' Substitution  Sadam Hussain OFF Machinder Singh IN



1' We have kicked off at Milan More Football Ground...    

B.S.F Line ups: Ravinder Singh, N.K. Basak, Pardeep M, Bapi Sarkar, R.K. Chhetri, Sadam Hussain, Sarajit Singh, Sisir Gurung, T. Boro, Avinash Thapa P.K Tiwari.

Subs: Manchinder Singh, Manojit Ghosh, P.H. Boy Singh, Henry Singh, P.B Ekka, S.S Das, Banti Singh


Kolabari Ys Line ups: Dinesh Thapa, Dilen Limbu, Subeen Mainali, Hem gurung, Devendra Tamang, Yogesh Limbu, Bishal Rai 12 Ganesh Khadaka, Bishal Rai 10, Karna Limbu

Subs: Meen Basnet, Bikash Limbu, Sachin Dhimal, Prabin Rai, Diwas Giri


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