Milan More Gold Cup

25/12/15  Ended.  Minal More Ground




Final Score T.A. Darjeeling 1(3)-1(4) Gorkha Brigade Lucknow


Lucknow No#24 Lokeswar Scores


TA No#4  Lakpa Tamang scores


Lucknow No17 Tshering Bhutia  Scores


TA No#6 Wongden Tamang scores


Lucknow No#27  Romesh  Singh Scores.


TA No#9 Hemnat Toppo shot blocked


Lucknow No3  Pranay Rai Scores


TA NO#17  Satyam Sharma scores


Lucknow NO#6 Awhesh  Gurung hits the post.


TA NO# 10  Sabir Mothey shot blocked by goalkeeper


Full time T.A. Darjeeling 1-1 Gorkha Brigade Lucknow. The match will now move up to tie-breaker due to time constraint.

80'+1' No#6 earns the free kick as he was been brought down at the center midfield.


80' One Minute of added time.


78' Free Kick ofr T.A. from the center midfield. Long ball is cleared out of danger.


75' Bit of midfield play at the moment as both the team trying to beat the center back and push deep in.


72' T.A. makes the move from left wing and no#16  Rathin Thapa's cross is blocked for the corner.


70' N0#6 is down and is being attended


67' Its Lucknwo Brogade who has dominated the ball possession and attack in last ten minute of the play.


65' CHANCE!! Luknow makes yet another move into the box before NO#17  Tsehirng Bhutia gets the ball and tiries to push it deep in but cleared by defender.


63' GOALLL! Lucknow Brigade equalizes.  No#24 Lokeswar gets the fine cross from deep left wing and he position himself perfectly in front of the post unmarked and does no mistake in keeping the ball into net.


61' Lucknow Brigade  earn the conscutive corner as the pressig hard on TA defense.


60 Substituion for T.A No12#  Shadip RAi OFF No#17 Satyam Sharma IN.


58' Substitution for Lucknow  Dhurba Prasad OFF Roel Lepcha IN


56' CHNACE!! Lucknow nearly got the eqalizer as the fine cross the right flank comes into box and goalkeeper miss calculate and ball heads toward the post but keeper collects in the second attempt.


54' Free Kick for T.A from just outside of the box and No#4 shot goes straight to wall and cleared out of danger.


52' Substitution ofr Gorkha Brigade N0#16  Tez Kumar OFF Simon Anal.


50' T.A. No#4 is injurued while trying to clear the ball from the box, he is been attended by medical team .


48' Free kick for the Lucknow and no harm at the end as No#5 strike after goes wide off the post.


47' Lucknow Brigade makes yet another move from the right wing and No#24  Kishore makes a cross to the box that is well cleared by defender.


44' Gorkha Brigade looked to more aggresvein this session of game as they are constantly keeping TA denfender busy at back line.


41' Second half is underway...


40' Half time. T.A Darjeeling 1-0 Gorkha Brigade Lucknow


39' CHANCE! Lucknow Brigde makes move from the right flank yest again and No24 makes a good cross for No#7  Puspa Das but was caught off side the lines man.


36' Lucknow Brigade this time from the right wing and tires to go deep inside the box but defender does well to clear the high ball.


33' Bit of tussel in Lucknow box and ball rolls over the line for goalkick.


31' Lucknow tring to get the equalizer now and makeing move inside the T.A. box but they are lacking the finishing touch.


28' Lucknow goalkeerper could not continue and he is been replaced by  Vicky Sing.


27' CHANCE!! T.A. plays the long ball from the center midfield and No# 10 Sabir Mothey  runs to reach upto the ball but goalkeeper does well to come out of position and avert the danger but he gets hurt in the action.


25' Free Kick for Lucknow Birgade from  around 30 yard and No#24 H Kishore takes the free and that get deflected for the goal kick.


23' Lucknow Brigade tries to make move from the right wing but No#6  AweshGurung could keep the ball in control and rolls over the side line.


20' GOALL! Brilliant free kick by  Wongden Tamang. A perfect free kick sails into the net beating goalkeeper


19' Free Kick for T.A Darejeeling form around 25 yard.


17' TA makes a good move from right flank before No#9 Hemant Tappo makes the cross which was neatly cleared by denfender.


14' T.A. No#9 is down and is been attended by medical team. players meantime gets the refreshment.


12' T.A. Darejlling  this  time moves from left wing and No#15 goesfor the cross but is been cleared by defender.


8' T.A  makes the move from the right wind and No#12 goes for the cross that goes over the bar.


6' Free kick for Gorkha Brigade from around 40 yard but no harm as the shot is well collected by goalkeeper  Biswas Rai


5'  T.A this time creat some move before No#12 takes the ambitious shot that sails over he bar.


4' Lucknow makes the move from the left wing as no#17 runs with ball and makes a fine cross inside the danger area but deflected for the corner. Second corner within 5 minutes.


2' Gorkha Brigade with an early attack and earns the corner kick...no harm though.


1' We are underway at Milan More Football Ground....


Here are the teams line up:


T.A  Darjeeling : Diwas Rai, Lakpa Tamang, Biodd Lohar, Pramesh Rai, Yogendra Walling, Hemant Toppo, Shadip Rai, Wengden Tamang, Rathin Thapa, Sabir Mothey, Surjit Das


Subs: Tshering Lepcha, Sunil, Satyam Lepcha. Pritam Rai, Bhupen Rai, Parumal Roy, Rupman Rai


Gorkha Brigade Lucknow: Birju Mohan,  Awesh Gurung,  Gurpeet  Singh, Pranesh Subba, Suraj Rawat, Tez Kumar, Puspa Das, Dhurba Prasad, H Kishore, Tahering Bhutia, Pranay Rai


Subs:  Vicky Singh, I B sanga, Simon Anal, Romesh Singh,  Roel Lepcha, Santu Subba, Palzor Bhutia. 


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the live update of Milan More Gold Cup quarter-final clash as Territorial Army Darrjeeling takes on Gorkha Brigade Lucknow at Milan More Football Ground.

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