Chand FC
Sukuna Gold Cup

28/12/14  Ended  Sukhana Ground

2 - 1


90+2' Full-Time Chand FC 2 - 1 Maurya FC


85' 2 minutes of added time announced by the referee. 


78' Maurya FC strikes takes a powerful strike from outside the box but lands straight into the hands of th keeper. Chand FC once again looking hopeful on their counter attack tries for a shot on the goal but nothing comes out of it either.


73' The game has heated up. Maurya FC is awarded a free kick just outside the box. The free kick hist the bar and gets deflected out for a corner yet again. Corner for Maurya once again but as usual nothing much comes out of it.


70' Yellow Card: Hembram


68' Maurya FC back in the game now, lookng for an equalizer. They have been keeping their rival defenders busy lately.


65' Goal!! Looks like its an own Goal by Chand FC's Defender as he tries to head the ball out of danger, Martin sure must have miss calculated his header and ended up awarding a Goal much to the relief of Maurya FC.


61' Mauryan FC looks dangerous there as the winger tries to drive in from the right but the defender clear the ball away.


58' Substitution for Maurya:  Bishamber off and in comes Aman Kujur


55' Yellow Card: Sautiu


53' Goal!!! its Nilidrie this time for Chand FC, 


50' Mauryan FC desperate for an equalizer, Jersey No. 4 takes his chances from way outside teh box but lands no where near the post.


48' Free kcik for Chand FC from outside teh box is well saved by the keeper. looks like there was a collision between the Keeper and the striker, the striker looked injured but he got back on his feet again.


46' 2nd Half is Underway!!


45+1' Half-Time: Chand FC 1 - 0 Maurya FC


44' One minute added before Half-time.


43' Another corner for Maurya FC but nothing comes out of it.


35' Brilliant save from the Mayurian keeper there, just the striker and the keeper. The striker aims for the bottom right corner and takes the shot but gets saved by the keeper brilliantly.


29' Another chance for Maurya as their striker tries for a shot from outside the box, the shot however didn't trouble the keeper much as it flew way up in the stands....


25' Close!! Mauryan Striker looked dangerous on the left there as he drives in with the ball and takes a powerful strike, Chand FC's Keeper is however was quick to get hold of the ball and clears it quickly. 


18' Both the teams look brilliant on their attack but weak on their defence set up. Maurya however with more possession of the ball are winning most of the midfield battles.


15' Chand FC striker gets an open through ball right in front of the net, takes the shot but lands way above the cross bar


11' Another corner for Maurya FC but is cleared away by the Chand defenders.


8' Goal!! turn of events here as Chand FC moves forwward with the ball. Beautiul cross from the left flank that finds Biplab. Biplab taking advantage of the situation, heads the ball straight past the keeper in the bottom right corner. What a superb counter attack.


4' Maurya FC gets a corner but i cleared by the defender but unfortunately lands in front of the Mauryan striker who tries for a powerful shot but Chand FC's goalie is well alert avert the danger.


2' Maurya FC in more control of the game in the early phase of the first half, also gets awarded with a quick free kick  in the mid by the referee.


1' We have kicke off!!!




Chand FC: Deepankar, Sanjai, Rohan, Barua, Nilidrie, Mirde, Rupuck, Tappan, Bipb, Phlire.

Chand FC Subs: Tamang, Pradhan, Thapa, Mangar, Lama.



Maurya FC: Mangeleshwar Oraon, Ajay, Hembram, Lakra, Mandal, Teema, Etwa, Basisht, Shimul, Soumen, Lamay.

Maurya FC Subs: Sautiu, Ranjeet, Murmu, Kujur, Nowraj, Kara, Ranjan, Newton, Arvind


Hello and welcome to Goalie 365  for the live events update of the Sukhna Cold Cup Clash Between  Chand FC and Maurya FC

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