Gorkha Brigade
Milan More Gold Cup

29/12/14  Ended  Milan More Ground



UKFC will take on Kolabari YS in the finals of Milan More Gold Cup


80'+3' Full time Gorkha Brigade Lucknow 1-2 U.K.F.C


80'+2' UKFC consuming time as they take time to start the game.


80'+1' GOAALL!! No#17 Tshering Bhutia  pulls back one for Lucknow. He gets the ball inside the box and goalkeeper fumbles to collect it at first attempt and NO#17 makes no mistake iin finding the net.


80' Three minute of added time in second half, can Lucknow do some magic.


77' Substitution for UKFC No#11 Sujay Gurung OFF No#7 Eswar Rai IN


75' UKFC now in better position as they lead 2-0 and Lucknow has a limited time to do something to come back to game,


72' GOOALLL!! UKFC DOUBLES THE LEAD!!  Jumanu Rai gets the ball inside the box and he makes not mistake in finding the net past goalkeeper.


70' UKFC creats move from the right wing and No#10 Jumanu Rai receives the ball to play it for No#9 Santosh who dribbles the ball but could before he takes the shot that gets deflected for the corner.


68' Lucknow No#2 Gurpeet  Singh gets the yellow for arguing with the referee on his decision.


67' Lucknow appeals for the penalty as UKFC handles the ball just in 18 yard line.


65' Tempo of the game is high as both team are playing an aggressive game at the moment and crowd is shouting at everymove near the box. 


62' UKFC this makes a brilliant move  from the right wing before the long passes that comes to box and Lucknow goalkeeper jumps high to collect the ball and he was pushed by UKFC player, bit of heated situation , but referre intervens to calm down the situation.


60' Lucknow Gorkha Brigade have come  close to the equlizer a couple of time but they are not able to take the advantage of the opportunity created.


57' Substitution for UKFC No#12 Biren Tamang OFF No#15 Jiteen Rai IN


56' CLOSE! This time  Lucknow nearly got the equlizer as No#15 Lokeswan Singh receivesthe fine cross from the right wing and his header is well collected by goalkeeper.


54' CLOSE!! UKFC No#10 Jumanu R ai receives the ball inside the box and he goes for the shot that misses the post by  whisker. THAT WAS CLOSE!


52' Corner for Gorkha Brigade Lucknow but no harm at the end.


50'  No#7 Puspa Das goes far a the shot on target from outside the box that just misses the post.

48' Lucknow  Brigade has dominated the seocnd half session and they have kept UKFC defense line busy.


46' CLOSE! Lucknow almost got the equalizer as No#14 gets the ball inside the box and he tries to direct the ball but goalkeeper does well to collect well.


43' Lucknow earns the free kick from the center midfield but  No#15 Simoan Anal shot  goes staright to goalkeeper hand.


41' Gorkha Brigade takes the second half underway...


40' Half time. Gorkha Brigade 0-1 U.K.F.C


38' HEATED ARGUMENT IN THE FIELD as UKFC No#17 Suman and   Lucknow's No#4 Pranesh Subba indulges into bit of pushing and dashing. YELLOW CARD FOR BOTH.


36' UKFC back into attack once again as they are making good move into Gorkha Brigades danger area but goalkeeper is confident denying everymove.


33'Lucknow  No#14  receives the long ball from the center midfield but he fails to keep hold of the ball and is cleared by defender.


30' UKFC No# 12 makes a long cross from left wing but is neatly collected by Lucknow goalkeeper


27' Substitution for Gorkha Brigade No#16 Tez Kr. Singh OFF No#14 Simona Anal IN


25' Gorkha Brigade now desperate for the equalizer and creating move into UKFC danger area.


21' CLOSE! Lucknow almost got the equalizer as N0#16 Tez Kr Singh makes a lovely cross just in front of the post and  Tshering   Bhutia rushes in to direct the ball but goalkeeper does well to collect the ball.

19' Lucknow this time makes move from right wing and No#6 Awesh Gurung tries to make cross inside the danger area but ball sails over the bar.


17'  Gorkha Brogade not able to impress so far as most of the ball is played in their half.


15'  CHANCE! UKFC No#12 Biren Tamang receives the ball inside the box at left side but he fails to connect to ball.


11' GOOALLL!! UKFC TAKES THE LEAD!! They earns the corner kick, the fine kick is headed into the danger area by Raj which was received by No#10 Jumanu Rai and he manages to find the net after a bit of fight.


9' More of midfield play at the moment both the team trying to settle into the game  looking for the loop holes in defense line.


6' SAVE! No#11 Sujay Gurung gets the ball from corner kick and he goes for the first time powerful shot.But Lucknow golakeeper makes  brilliant save.


5' UKFC No#11 Sujay Gurung goes deep into Lucknow box but well cleared by dfender for the corner.


3' Gorkha Brigade makes some into UKFS's half


1' UKFC takes kicks off the first half...


Here's the team line-up

Gorkha Brigade  Lucknow:  Vicky Singh, Awesh Gurung, Gurpet Singh, Pranesh Subba, Suraj Rawat, Lokeswan Singh, Puspa Das, Tez Kumar Singh, Tshering Bhutia, Pranoy Rai.

Subs: Birju Mohan, JD Sange, Roel Lepcha, Romesh Singh, Simon Anal, Sanju Subba, Panzo Bhutia


U.K.F.C : Dempankar Devnath,  Ajit Bhandari, Suman Subedi, Biren Tamang, Suraj,  Santosh Shahu, Raj Routh, Ritesh Pradhan, Bhupen Tamang, Suman Rai, Sujay Gurung.

Subs: Barnat Lepcha,  Iswar Rai, Jteen Rai, Amit Rai,  Sidhant Chhetri, Kiran Pradhan, Smile Lama.


Todays' referre:

Dhurba Das

Assistant referre Hiren Das and Gautam Ghuha

4th Referee Shukanto


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