Milan More Gold Cup

31/12/14  Ended  Milan More Ground





80'+2' UKFC makes a ambitious runs from the left wing but referee blows the whistle.


80'+1'  Substitution for Kolabari YS No#11 Deepak Shrestra OFF NO#12 Bikash Limbu IN


80' One minute of added time


78' CLOSE!! UKFC makes a  good move as NO#16  Ritesh Pradhan gets the ball and makes a fine pass for No#14Raj Routh but he could not keep the ball in control.


76' We have less the five minutes of game remaining now can UKFC do some magic to  come back to game?

75' UKFC trying to get some move into Kolabari danger area and earns the corner...no harm at the end,


71' Substitution for UKFC No#10  Diwas Rai OFF No#6 Kiran Pradhan IN.


70' CLOSE!! UKFC's No#11  Sujay Gurung receives the ball in danger area and tries to tip the ball at the edge of the post but sails wide.


68' The tempo of the game is low  now ... UKFC not able to break the Kolabari YS's back line.


65' Free Kick for UKFC from just outside of the box  and NO#15 steps in to  take the shot but could not keep it lo.


63' Bit of midfield play at the moment as Kolabari look content where as UKFC is not able to find the cutting edge to bring them back to game,


62' Yellow card for UKFC' NO#15  Jiteen Rai


60' GOOD BALL!! Kolabari YS NO#9 Ganesh Khadka runs with the ball from the right flank and passes it to No#7 Karan Limbu that is cleared by defender for the corner.


57' CHANCE FOR KOLABARI! N0#11Deepak Shrestra gets the ball and goes for the shot that goes wide off the post


54' Kolabari YS again this time from left  wing as No# 7 Karan Limbu runs and plays for NO#10 Bishal Rai(A) who tries to go deep but is been blocked by defender and cleared out of danger.


51' KOLABARI YS this time makes the move from right wing and no#11 Deepak Shrestra makes a weak cross that gets cleared for the coner.


49' No#10   Diwas Rai is down and UKFC earns the free kick ..but no harm at the end


47' UKFC tries to make move from right wing and no#10  Diwas Rai makes a long cross for NO#11Sujay Gurung but he could not reach upto ball 


45'Kolabari YS looks content at the moment with three goal lead as they are more into defensive game play.


43' UKFC showing some good foot skills in the midfield and trying to makes move into Kolabari  half but could not keep hold of the ball.


41' Substitution for UKFC No5# Pranesh Tamang OFF No#2 Arpan Tamang IN


41' Kolabari YS take the second half underway...


40' Half time  Kolabari YS 3-0 U.K.F.C


39' CHANCE YET AGAIN FOR KOLABARI YS as they make the move  from right wing and No#8 Nagendra Limbu runs and fits the ball to No#2 Yogesh Gurung but his shot goes straight to goalkeeper


36' GOOOALLL!! THIRD FOR KOLABARI YS! NO#7 Karna Limbu takes advantage of defense error and pushes the ball into the free net as goalkeeper is already out of positon.


35' UKFC this time earns the free kick and No#16 Ritesh Pradhan takes shot into the box but is been cleared by defender.


29' UKFC is desperate to come back to game as they are trailiing behind with two goals now however Kolabari YS has dominated the ball possession and attack so far.


26' CHANCE FOR UKFC as NO#11  gets the ball just inside the box and he tries to chip the ball in but could not connect to the ball well. No harm at the end.


23' GOOOAALLL!! Kolabari YS doubles the lead as No#8 free kick was mis calculated by goalkeeper and No#2 comes from no where to push the ball into net. ITS 2-0 


22' Kolabari YS No#11  Deepak Shrestra is down after being fouled and earns free kick.


18' UKFC NO#11  Sujay Gurung runs from the right wing and makes a cross into danger area but is well collected by goalkeeper Dilen Thapa


16' GOOOAALLL! KOLABARI YS TAKES THE LEAD!! No#2 Yogesh Gurung receives the ball just outside the box who fits the ball in for No#7 Karna Limbu who make no mistake this time to find the net past goalkeeper.


15' Substitution for UKFC Ismail Tamang OFF Ritesh Pradhan IN


12' CHANCE!! UKFC yet again moves from left flank and No#2 Yogesh Gurung takes the shot in target and goalkeeper does well to keep the away from the post but rebound comes to No#7 Karna Limbu but his shot goes over the cross bar.THAT WAS GOOD MOVE!


8' UKFC this time makes some into Kolabari YS half and no#8 Ismail Tamang goes for the shot from outside the box but misses the post.


5' Kolabari YS yet again from the left wing this time and NO#7 goes for the shot that sails over the cross bar.


4' Kolabari YS makes the  move from right wing as No#10  Bishal Rai(A) receives the ball from the defense line and runs into the danger area he tries to play for no7 Karna Limbu but was intrrupted by defender he gets the rebound and plays for No#7 Karna Limbu but his shot goes wide of the shot.


3' Kolabari YS makes the move from left wing but No#7 Karna Limbu caught off-side


2' Slow strat of the game as both the team trying to settle into the game


1' UKFC kicks of the first half...


Today's game is officaited by referee Bikash Chokrabartee and assistant referees are  Subarato Ghosh and Pranab Mondal and 4th refereeKunal Das.


Here the line up for today's final match:


Kolabari YS: Dinesh Thapa Mangar , Dilen Limb, u , Divendra Tamang, Sachin Dhamal,  Subeen mainali, Nagendra Limbu, Deepak Shrestra ,  Yogesh Gurung, Ganesh Khadka, Bishal Rai(A), Karma Limbu.

Kolabari Subs: Meen Basnet,  Bikash Limbu, Prabin Rai, Diwas Giri, Hem Gurung, Bishal Rai(B)

U.K.F.C : Subhama Roy, Pranesh Tamang, Hem Limbu, Bhupen Lama, Biran Tamang, Raj Routh, Jteen Rai,,  Iswar Rai, Sujay Gurung., Diwas Rai,

Kolabari YS.Subs: Pradeep Chettri, Barnat Lepcha, Arpan Tamang, Kiran Pradhan,  Amar Rai,  Pravhakr Subba, Ritesh Pradhan


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