Sukuna Gold Cup

01/01/15  Ended  Sukuna Ground


Royal FC

Final Score Kadamtala FC 0(3)- 0(4)


70'+1' Full time Kadamtala FC 0-0 Royal FC . The game will not move to tie breaker due to time constraint.


70' One minute of added time.


69' Edison gets the booking.


63' Another attempt form Royal captain, This time the keeper has moved away from his position  and  taking advantage of the situatio, he tries to scoop the ball into the post and just miss the cross bar.


60' Royal FC now much more in control of the game are making decent attempts on goal. Akash tries for a shot from way outside the box, misses his target by a whisker.


56' Substitution for Royal FC Santa OFF Akash IN


56' Substitution for Kadamtala  FC Kutub OFF Sujay IN


53' CLOSE!! Mallik of Kadamtala drives in past the defenders inside the box and strikes a perfect  shot however Royal FC goalkeeper is well alert and holds the ball well.


52' Kadamtala FC more in control of the game with more of possession of the ball and constant attack in the Royal FC territory however both the team are yet to break the dead lock.


50' Royal FC Gopal gets the booking.


48' Kadamtala Samir Yellow card


46' Substitution for ROyal FC Nishu OFF Edision IN


40' Kadamtala FC gets free kick just outside the box. Samir Tamang takes the shot which is headed away by the defender Kutub goes in for a rebound but lands nowhere near the post.


36' 2nd Half Commences




25' Kadamtala FC more in control of the game than Royal FC, yet both the teams are unable to break the deadlock. It will be interesting to find out which team will get their first goal.


22' Its past 22 minuest and this would be the first attempt on goal made by Royal FC as their striker fires a powerful shot but misses his mark just by a whisker. 


18' Kadamtala FC gets a free kick. Nayan takes the shot but the defenders were well alert to head the ball back to safety,  Adarsh Moktan tries for a rebound but lands no where near the post.


15' Santa Pradhan of Royal FC takes it solo down the left flank and tries to take the final shot himself but ends up giving a loose ball straight into the hands of the Keeper.


10' Vijay Gupta of Royal FC drives in from the let flank and fires a beautiful cross which finds Samir Tamang who had enough room and time to make that final shot, but his team mate Ritesh comes out of no where and collides with samir loosing the opportunity to get that early one goal lead. Both men look injured as they are down in the ground. 


7' Kadamtala FC still in an advantageous position as they get a free kick just outside the box, The shot is taken, Royal FC goalie Niraj does well to keep the ball out of danger.


5' Ajay Mallick of Kadamtala FC tries to drive in with the ball and tries a powerful shot but gets blocked by the defender, Avinash tries in for a rebound but nothing much comes off it.


3' Yellow Card: Indrajeet Chhetri (Royal FC)


1' We have kicked off, Kadamtala FC starting the proceedings


Here are the lineups:-

Kadamtala FC: Rishab Chettri, Ritesh, Babu Dey, Adarsh Moktan, Nabin, Nayan, Avinash Mangar, Kutub Ali, Bijay Gupta, Samir Tamang, Ajay Malik.

Kadamtala FC Subs: Suman Tirkey, Sujay Rana, Rayan Deb, Jeet Tamang, Animesh Lama, Kailash Bhagat, Nishant Tamang.


Royal FC: Niraj Sahani, Sumit, Raj Kumar Roy, Gopal, Indrajeet Chhetri, Akash Sarkar, Kiran Rai, Santa Pradhan, LIton, Shiva Chhetri, Nishu, 

Royal FC Subs: Santosh Roy, Dasya Lama, Edson Kindu, Sekhar, Ravi Roy Tarun.


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the live events update of the Sukuna Gold Cup Clash between Kadamtala FC and Royal FC.

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