Sukuna Gold Cup

02/01/15  Ended  Sukuna Ground


6/5 GR

70+2' FULL-TIME: SIKKIM BOYS 6 - 0 6/5 GR


71' Goal!!! 6th goal for Sikkim Boys, Chitez Subba gets his brace.


70' Close!! Navin of Sikkim boys tries for a shot from a distance but lands just abouve the cross bar.


69' 2 minutes of added time announced by the ref.


65' Yellow Card: Chandra of Sikkim Boys,


60' Goal!!! 5th one for Sikkim Boys, its Chitez Subba this time who drives in straight and takes the shot straight into the bottom right corner. 


54' Substitution: SB Nim T off and in comes Chandra


53' Substitution: SB Sanjay off and in comes Roshan


50' Substitution: (SB) t Bhutia off and in comes Chitez Subba


46' Goal!! Fourth one for Sikkim Boys,  Bhutia makes an excellent cross from the right which finds Sanjay who had enough room and time to take a comfortable shot straight past the keeper.


43' Yellow Card: Nr Bahadur Thapa dangerously brings down Sikkim Boys Striker Sukhraj inside the box and the referee makes no hesitation in awarding penalty to Sikkim Boys. Nim T takes the shot and misses it. 


40' Goal!!! Its the third one for Sikkim Boys.  SB Striker Sanjay takes it solo this time, He drives in with the ball and fires a low ball towards the bottom right corner, leaving Sharma Helpless.


36' Goal!!! Sikkim Boys have doubled their lead. Terrible Goalkeeping by Krishna Sharma. Sukhraj Subba of Sikkim boys makes a decent cross from the right flank and ends up scoring the goal too, thanks to Sharma as he looses the ball while trying to hold it.


36' 2nd Half Commences. It will be interesting to find out if GR will pull up their Socks and get back into the game or not.


35+2' HALF-TIME SIKKIM BOYS 1 - 0 6/5 GR


34' 2 minutes of added time announced by the referee.


30' Its almost half time and GR have not made a single attempt on goal while thier goal keeper has been kept busy for the entire period of the first half.


24' Sikkim Boys misses yet another chance to get a brace. OT who as inside the box took too much time to make room for himself before he took the shot which landed a little wide off the right post.


20' GR gets a freekick, The freekcik which is taken from the right flank finds Viraj who jumps high for a header but ends up colliding with Sikkim Boys Keeper Karma who had come out of his line to make that save.


16' GR defenders have been kept busy by the attackers from Sikkim. GR have already conceded a goal and  are yet to make an attempt themselves.


13' Close!!! Sikkim Boys almost doubled their lead as Navin gives an excellent through ball  to Sukhraj who drives in with the ball and makes an excellent low cross. Bhutia was again at the right sopt to tap the ball in but somehow failed to execute it. What a miss!!


10' Goal!!! Sikkim Boys does get their lead this time, Sukhraj makes a quick pass to Bhutia in the middle. Bhutia takes it solo from the mid, drives inside the box and takes a powerful shot straight past the keeper.


3' Sanjay takes the shot but does not trouble the keeper much as he hits the bar, thus loosing a golden opportunity to take an early lead over GR


3' Early Chance for Sikkim Boys as they are awarded a penalty as the GR defender is caught  handling the ball inside the box.  Sanjay of Sikkim Boys prepares to take the Penalty.


1' We have kicked off, GR to start the proceedings. 


Here are the lineups:-


Sikkim Boys: Karma T Lepcha, Nim T Lepcha, Dawa R Lepcha, Amit Pariyar, Lhendup Bhutia, Navin Gurung, Shensha Ansari, Sanjay Chhetri, Sukraj Subba, Choppel Bhutia, OT Lepcha.

Sikkim Boys Subs: Bimal Bagdas, Roshan Pradhan, Chandra Tamang, Chetez Subbs, Milan, Biray, Sisir.


6/5 GR: Krishna, Ashok, Singh, Nar BD, Chitra Bd, Aman, Bhuwan, Santosh, Paras, Kailash, Vijay,

6/5 GR Subs: Rajiv, Tez, Samir, Roshan, TUL, Prayas, S Sewa


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the live events update of the Sukuna Gold Cup Clash between Sikkim Boys and 6/5GR.

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