Royal FC
Sukuna Gold Cup

03/01/15  Ended  Sukuna Ground





69' Substitution for Royal FC: Indrajeet off and in comes Tarun


66' Substitution for Royal FC: Karan Rai off and in comes Dawaa Lama.


66' What a miss by Yogen Rai  of gorubathan F, the net was open and there were no defenders around him to intercept. He fires the shot and lands wide off the left post. 


65' What a miss by Karan Rai of Royal FC,  Saruka Limbu takes it solo down the line before making an excellent cross. The keeper was out of his place and all Karan Rai had to do was tap it into the net, he however missed this golden opportunity.


58' Close!! Deepankar Pradhan makes an excellent cross from the right flank which finds Yogen Rai. Rai had plenty off room and time to get a goal for his team but his header just misses the cross bar.


55' Substitution for royal FC: Pasang Bhutia off and in comes Adison Kindo.


50' Another chance for Gorubathan FC to get back into the game as they are awarded a corner by the referee. Yogen rai takes the shot which finds Toopo. Toppo tries for a header but ends up colliding with the keeper. The Royal Defender clears the ball to safety but the keeper looks injured as he is still in the ground.


48' Freekcik for Gorubathan FC. Bikash rai takes the shot but nothing much comes off it as it lands straight into the hands of the keeper.


43' Close!!! Saruka Limbo almost doubled their lead as he fired a powerful shot from just outside the box, but was beautifully saved by gorubathan FC keeper.


40' Gorubathan FC looks desperate to get back into the game, Bikash Rai tries for a shot from  quite a distance, but the shot lacked power and the keeper had no problem thus collecting it with ease.


36' 2ND HALF Commences




30+1' Goal!!Saruka Limbu of Royal FC gives his team one goal lead, He fires a curvy shot from the left giving no time for the keeper to react.


20' Bikash Rai of Gorubathan FC takes it solo down the right Flank and then drives inside the box beating few defenders, He finally takes his shot on goal but gets saved by the goal keeper beautifully .


12' Royal FC gets a quick freekcik in the middle, The shot is taken by Gopal Roy which lands straight into the hands off the keeper, the ball however slips out of the keeper's hands and taking advantage of the situation Kalu Limbu tries for a brilliant back volley but gets blocked by the defender.


10' Chance!! for Gorubathan FC. Yogen rai tries to head the ball into the net but gets beautifully punched out by the keeper, unfortunately the ball once again lands in front of Ramesh tamang who fires a powerful shot but gets intercepted by the Royal defender.


5'Royal FC gets a free kick just outside the box, Indrajeet takes the shot but nothing comes off it as it lands straight into the hands of the keeper. 


1' We have kicked off!! Royal FC initiating the proceedings of todays game.


Here are the lineups:

GBFC : Diwas Tamang, Kamal Toppo, Sanjay Subba, Ramesh Tamang, Bikash Rai, Deepankar Pradhan, Yogen Rai, Nirnay Darnal, Avishek Chhetri, Samrat Chawdhary, 

GBFC Subs: Bibhushan, Bibek Chhetri, Bijay Nayak, Pranay Rai, Udai Pradhan, Sanjay Rai.


Royal FC: Navin Sahani, Sumit Khawas, Raj Kr Roy, Gopal Roy, Sahuka Limbu, kalu Limbu, Pasang Bhutia, Karan Roy, Indrajeet Chhetri, Shiva Chhetri, Sanam Rai, 

Royal Subs: Nishu Saibo, Sauta Pradhan, Adison Kindu, Tarun Roy, Dawa, Shantanu Roy.


Hello and welcome to goalie365 for the quarter Final match of the Sukuna Gold Cup between Gorubathan FC and Royal FC. We are  here to bring the action live from Sukuna Football Ground Siliguri.

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