Sukuna Gold Cup

04/01/15  Ended  Sukuna Ground



What an entertaining match, though we had some ugly events in between, all in all it was a delightful treat for the spectators. Both the teams were brilliant on their attack. NBAP attack was able to break into the Sikkimese wall while the boys from Sikkim Couldn't do the same.




80+1' 3 minutes of added time announced.


80' Goal!! Fourth goal for NBAP. Seeing Sikkim Boys goalie move forward, Satyan Ray of NBAP scoops a high ball from the middle that lands straight into the open net, giving no time for the keeper to return and leaving the Sikkimese defenders helpless.


75' Substitution: Amit Pariyar off and in comes Chandra tamang


75' Substitution: Gyalsang Lama off and in comes Sandeep Das.


73' Huge collision in the middle between Gyalsang Lama of NBAP and Amit Pariyar of Sikkim Boys. Both men are injured and have to be replaced.


70' Sikkim Boys look frustrated as they have now started firing their shots from distances.


65' Goal!! Its the third one for NBAp. Its Gyalsang Lama this time with assist from Jamshed Ali. Lama makes no mistake in finding the net.


60'  Substitution: Nim T Lepcha off and in comes Roshan Pradhan.


55' Yellow Card:Lhendup Bhutia


55' Lhendup Bhutia is awarded a yellow card by the referee for his  reckless tackle on Jamshed Ali just outside the box. The freekick is also taken and nothing comes off it.


52' Goal!!! Another goal for NBAP, this time its Satyan Ray. Sikkim Boys desperate to get a goal made a major mistake of keeping their walls open, Satyan Ray taking advantage of the situation took it solo down the line drove in inside the box and took that powerpact shot straight past the keeperand into the net. There was nothing the defenders could about it.


50' Substitution: Sanjay Chhetri off and in comes Setish Subba.


48' Sikkim Boys are trying very hard to get back into the game with constant attack on their rivals, they have been keeping the NBAP defenders and their custodian really busy.


45' Close!! Brilliant gameplay shown by the the forwards of Sikkim Boys. Amit Pariyar makes a quick pass to Sukhraj Subba who passes it further towards Sahensha. Sahensha takes the final shot on goal, Brilliant shot full of power but misses his target by a mere margin.


40' 2nd Half commences. Both the teams are down to ten men but NBAP are a goal ahead of Sikkim Boys. It will be interesting to find out if Sikkim Boys can  get back into the game.




40' Goal!! Mousam Biswakarma of NBAP breaks the dead lock as he took advantage of a rebound and struck a powerful shot straight past the keeper and into the net.


36' This match has started turning ugly as  another NBAP player Sylbanus is awarded a yellow card by the referee for a dangerous challenge that he made on Sikkim Boys Striker. 


25'  The match has heated up  as both the teams look frustrated to get a goal. Amiyo Ghosh of NBAP is rightfully red carded by the by the referee by dangerously bringing down Dawa Lepchajust outside his own box. A very heated argument between the players have started in the filed and the referees are triying hard to calm down the situation. another player from Sikkim Boys Tshepel Bhutia is awarded a red card


21' Its past 20 minutes now and we haven't had a goal from either side. The match however is turning out to be very exciting as both the teams are strong and seem to have prepared well for todays match. Thorough entertainment for the spectators here at the sukuna Football Ground.


20' Another long range pass from the mid finds OT lepcha of Sikkim Boys right in the middle of the box. OT take  the final shot but it lacked power and landed straight into the hands of the keeper.


17' Sanjay of Sikkim Boys sends an excellent through ball to OT Lepcha just outside the box. It could have been dangerous if he had got hold of the ball  but was well intercepted by the NBAP defender.


15' Long Range cross from the mid finds Sanjay Chhetri open, just himself and the keeper. He fights hard to reach for the ball but fails to make that final tap. That was close!!!


10' Sikkim Boys gets a corner but nothing comes off it as it is headed back to safety by the defender.


8' Long range freekick taken by Ram Kr finds Jamshed Ali who drives down the line and makes a cross but finds no one inside the box to take the final shot. Sikkim Boys Defender clears the ball to safety thus breaking the attack from NBAP


5' Satyan Ray of NBAP receives the ball just outside the box, He had plenty of room and time to take a calculative shot but ends up shooting way above the cross bar, the will be the first attempt and first miss for NBAP to take an early lead.


1' We have kicked off at Sukuna Football ground.


Here are the lineups: 


Sikkim Boys: Karma T Lepcha, Nim T Lepcha, Dawa Lepcha, Lhendup Bhutia, Navin Gurung, Sensha, Sanjay Chhetri, Choppel Bhutia, OT Lepcha, Sukhraj Subba, Amit Pariyar.

Sikkim Boys Subs: Roshan Pradhan, Chandra Tamang, Setish Subba, Bimal Bagdas, Kamal Bagdas, Milan Lepcha, Susil Karthak.


NBAP B: Prakash Pradhan, Ram Kr Sarki, Devashish Sarkar, Mausam Biswakarma, Dinesh Pradhan, Kaushik Dutta, Sylbanus Ekka, Amiyo Kr, Satyan Ray, Gyalsang Lama, Jashed Ali.

NBAP Subs: Pramit Barrick, Tapas Sarkar, Surojit Das, Karma Wangdi, Sandeep Das.


 Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the live events update of the Sukuna Gold Cup match between Sikkim Boys and North Bengal Armed Police.

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