Chand FC
Sukuna Gold Cup

05/01/15  Ended  Sukuna Ground





80+ 1' opportunity for Chand to equalize was just missed by Sunny Tamang as no defenders were marking him. He however ended up shooting the ball straight into the hands of the keeper.


80' 3 minutes of added time announced by the referee.


79' Yellow card awarded to Sangam Tamang of Chand FC for his reckless challenge.


78' Goal!! A breather for Chand FC from the goal scored by Khaidem. Sunny Tamang takes his Shot from the right which was punched away by the keeper. Khaidem fires off the rebounded ball and mkes no mistake in finding his target.


76' Karna Limbu once again finds an open ball just outside the box but faile to deliver that perfect shot. He was however tackled down by the Chand defender and a free kick was given by the referee.However nothing much off comes off the free kick as the keeper comfortablly collects the ball.


75' Another substitution for Chand: Nayan off and in comes Raja


72' An arguement between Erick Djaba and Nagendra Limbu has forced the referee and the linesmen to intervene the situation here. 


70' Loose attempt on goal by Ganesh Khadka of Triveni sc, He recieves a brilliant pass from the right and none of the defenders were marking him, He took too much time to take that shot as the defender were back by then. the shot didn't trouble the keeper much.


65' Close!! Chand FC could have got a goal there, KHaidem makes a brilliant cross from the right which finds Sunny Tamang. Tamang tries for a header but misses his target by a whisker.


60' Substitution for Chand: Arafat off and in comes Sunny tamang


55' Miss calculated shot by Bishal Rai. He took that shot right from the middel of the box and ended up shoot too wide off the post.


50' Substitution for Chand: Tochi off and in comes Sanjay Nag.


48' Goal!! 2nd goal for Triveni SC, Its Ganesh Khadka this time. Khadka takes it solo, drives in with the ball inside the box seeing the keeper move forward, he strikes the ball into the bottom left corner before the keeper could pounce on it.


46' 2nd Half Commences.




40' 2 minutes of added time announced by the referee.


30' Chand Defender makes a long pass which finds Arafat Ali but he was intercepted before he could make his move. 


25' Prince Luckas makes a brilliant pass to Sidhu who has no defenders around him. Sidhu takes a powerful shot but lands just above the cross bar, 


18' Subeen of triveni SC makes a brilliant pass to Bishal Rai. Rai tries to drive in and take a shot but was blocked by the Chand Defender.


15' Chand FC player Sangam Tamang tries for a shot from quite a distance. The shot lacked power and couldn't trouble the keeper much. He made another attempt from the same spot but this time again he was way off his mark.


12' Shot made by Karna Limbu of Triveni FC gets deflected off the defenders foot and goes out for a corner. triveni Gets their first corner. Ganesh Khadka takes the shot but nothing comes off it as the keeper makes a comfortable save.


8' Decent turn out today here at the  Sukuna Local Football ground as Chand FC have turned out with five Nigerian players for this match as well as a number of Nepalese Internationals are playing for Triveni FC.


6' Close!!!It would have been an early second goal for Triveni FC. Karna Limbu drives in with the ball, Chand Keeper Ballo was out of his place when Karna took that shot but the keeper was somehow able to make that save. that was a close one.


4' Goal!! Karna Limbu takes the shot and comboftablly places the ball leaving the keeper helpless.


3' Triveni FC is awarded a penalty as Chand FC defender Tochi Austin is caught handling the ball inside the box by the referee. 


1' We have kicked off at Sukuna Local Football Ground.


Here are the lineups:


Chand FC: Dallo Mousa, Prince Lukas, Khaidem, Erick, Arafat, Sangam Tamang, Nayan Lepcha, Pranesh Dewan, Sidhu Chhetri, Chotan Das.

 Chand Subs: Sunny Tamang, Raja Chhetri, Saurav Mangar, Sanjeev Mullick, Dawa BHutia, Promod Pradhan, Sanjay Nag.


Triveni SC: Dinesh Thapa, Dilen Limbu, Devendra Tamang, Subeen, Bijay, Nagendra Limbu, Deepak Shereshtha, Buddha, Ganesh, Bishal, Karna Limbu.

Triveni SC subs:  Meen Busnet, Hangsu Limbu, Prabin Tamang, Krishna Chhetri, Gautam Chhetri, Gourav Chhetri, Ankit Sarki.


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the First Semi Final match of the Sukuna Gold between Chand FC and Triveni SC

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