Sukuna Gold Cup

08/01/15  Ended  Sukuna Ground


Full Time

Full Time

70+4' FULL-TIME UKFC 1 - 0 NBAP 


70+4' this could probably be the last chance for NBAP to equalize as the get another freekick outside the box, The shot is taken but nothing comes off it as it lands straight into the hands of the keeper. 


70+2' NBAP winger Dutta puts in a brilliant cross from the left, but the keeper moves out of his line to grab the ball before the striker could do anything. 


70' 4 minutes of added time announced. 


70'  the free kick was taken but it was too loose to create any danger for UKFC.


69' Chance for NBAP to equalize as the get a free kick just outside the box. 


68' Substitution for UKFC: Sujay off and in comes Ishwor Rai 


63' Substitution for UKFC: Enok off and in comes Jiten Rai 


62' Substitution for NBAP: Hemram off and in comes Dinesh Pradhan 


59' Brilliant show of football by NBAP attackers there, Sylbanus Ekka makes a quick pass down the line to Satyan Ray, Ray dribbles past a defender and makes a cross which finds Jamshed Ali, Ali takes the final shot but misses his target by a mere margin 


57' Ritesh Pradhan of UKFC takes the corner which finds Biren tamang just outside the box, tamang makes a powerful strike but ends up way above the bar. 


56' This time again its UKFC on the attack!! Ritesh Pradhan makes a brilliant pass to Enok who strikes a powerful shot but the keeper is well alert and he palmed the ball away brilliantly. UKFC now gets a corner. 


53' Close!!! Brilliant corner taken by Kaushik Dutta which finds Jamshed Ali once again. Ali tries for a header but misses his target by a whisker, That was really close, NBAP almost got back into the game there. 


52' Jamshed Ali of NBAP makes a desperate attempt on goal from the left but gets deflect off the defenders foot and lands behind the post for a corner. 


50' Close!! Enok once again puts in a brilliant cross from the right which finds Mustafa. Mustafa was open right in front of the post, with no defenders marking him, he had plenty of room to take that shot but ends up shooting high above the cross bar. 


47' Yellow  Card : Pradip Hemram NBAP 


46' UKF is still posing a threat to the NBAP defenders, Enok puts in a brilliant cross from the right which finds Mustafa, Mustafa controls the ball well and tries to drive in with the ball before he takes his final shot but NBAP defender and captain Debashish Sarkar does well to break the attack.


44' Substitution for NBAP: Kundu off and in comes Jamshed Ali. 


40' UKFC now looks confident and makes another attempt on goal. Enok drives in solo with the ball before he took a shot on goal but this time the NBAP keeper was well alert to avert the danger. 


38' Goal!!! UKFC breaks the deadlock, Ritesh scoops the ball from the left of the box which finds Sujay Gurung who is right on the spot to tap the ball in  and Sujay makes no mistake in doing that. 


36' 2nd Half Commences!! 


35+1' HALF-TIME: UKFC 0 - 0 NBAP 


34' 1 minute of added time announced. 


30' Long pass by the NBAP defender finds Biswajit Kundu but gets headed out to safety by the defender before Kundu could do anything about it. NBAP goes in for another attack as the cross from the left finds Lama right in the middle of the box, who takes the final shot but gets blocked by the defender. 


25' NBAP gets a free kick just outside the box towards the left. Kaushik Dutta takes the shot which hits the wall. Biswajit Kundu tries for a rebound with a volley but hits the defender and gets deflected out for a corner. The corner is taken but nothing comes off it as the ball is cleared to safety by the defender.


Substitution: Samson off and in comes Arpan Tamang 


22' UKFC's injured defender Samson still seem to be struggling with his injury there and is requesting for a replacement. 


20' Brilliant attempt by NBAP Midfielder Ram KR Sarki as he dribles past a defender and takes his shot from a distance. It was close as he missed his mark by a whisker. The shot landed just above the crossbar. That was close, really close!!! 


18' UKFC defender Samson looks injured as he is down on the ground just outside his own box,  


15' Good display of Football by UKFC striker Enok as he drives down with the ball dribbling past few defender but he failed to cut past the last defender. He would have bneen dangerous there had the defender not intercepted him. 


12' NBAP Gets a free kcik just outside the box as Ritesh Prashan of UKFC brings down Kundu. Gyalsang Lama takes the shot, his shot as power but fails to hit his target as the ball lands just wide off the right post much to the relief of UKFC custodian Pradip Das. 


10' UKFC now gets a quick freekick as Pradeep Harman of NBAP recklessly pushes Mustafa from behind. 


5' NBAP is awarded a freekick by the referee just outside the box, Manab Takes the shot but nothing comes off it as it is headed back to safety by the defender. 


2' These are probably two of the strongest teams of the competition, it will be interesting to find out which team will reach the final to play against Triveni Sc who won Royal FC in yesterdays match. 


1' NBAP to start the proceedings, And we have kicked off!!! 


Here are the lineups:-


UKFC: Pradeep Das, Simon, Ananta Tamang, Bhupen Lama, Biren Tamang, Nima Tamang, Mustafa, Ritesh Pradhan, Raj Rawat, Anok, Sanjay Gurung,


UKFC Subs: Pradeep Chettri, Arpan Tamang, Pravakar Subba, Jiten Rai, Amir Rai, Ishwar RaI, Prashant Gurung.



NBAP: Prakash Pradhan, Debasish Sarkar, Ram Kr. Sarki, Manab Kr. Das, Sylbanus Ekka, Kaushik Dutta, Gyalsang LAma, Satyan Ray, Prajoy Pradhan, Biswajit Kundu, Pradip Hemram


NBAP Subs: Mausam Biswakarma, Dinesh Pradhan, Jamshed Ali, Debabrata Debnath, Sandip Das, Tapas Sarkar. 


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the live events update of the 2nd Semi Final of the Sukuna Gold Cup tournament between UKFC and NBAP.

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