Royal FC
Sukuna Gold Cup

07/01/15  Ended  Sukuna Ground






70'+1' GOOOAAALLL!! SIXTH FOR  TRIVENI SPORTING. NO#10 Bishal Rai receives the ball inside the box and neatly beats the goalkeeper. 


70' Three minutes of added time.

69' Substitution for  Trivenis Sporting  NO# Dinesh Karki OFF No#14 Ankit Sarki IN


67' GOOOAAALLL!! FIFTH for Triveni Sporting NO#2 Dinesh Karki gets the ball inside the box and goes for the shot that was blocked by goalkeeper and Royal defense fails to clear the ball and Dinesh takes the advantage of the error and this time places the ball into the net. 


65' Substitution for Triveni Sporting No#15 Drabin Rai  IN No#9Ganhesh Khadka OUT


63' GOOOALLLL!! Royal FC pulls back second.  No#10 Karan Rai gets the ball inside the box and manages to push the ball past goal line after a bit of tussel inside the 8 yard area. 


61'  Substitution for Triveni Sporting NO#12 Bijay DHimal OFF NO#4 Prabin Tamang IN.


60' Substitution for Royal FC No#13 Gopal Roy OFF No#17 Adision Kundu IN


57'  GOOAAALLL!! Triveni Sporting makes it FOUR. No#7 Karna Limbu receives the ball at the midfield area and makes perfect palaing to No#8  Nagendra Limbu places it perfectly into the net after a good footwork


55' Royal FC creating some danger move into Triveni's box but goalkeeper Dinesh Thapa is confident and smooth. 


51' Triveni Sporting's goalkeeper is injured and is being attended by medical team. 


48' Substitution for Royal FC NO#11 Nani Limbu OFF No#2 Liton IN 



45' GOOOALLLL!! No#7 Karna Limbu makes the THREE for Trivenis Sporting. He gets the ball inside the box from NO#2Dinesh Karki and Limbu places  it perfectly into the net. 


43' CLOSE!! Triveni's No#10  Bishal Rai receives the long ball just outside the the box and he makes a fine shot after good footwork but that misses the post by inces. 


41' Yellow card for No#6 Subeen


39' Triveni this time creates the move into Royal half as no#7 Karna Limbu tips the ball perfectly to No#10 Bishal Rai who makes some dribling just outside the box before placing it for No#2 Dinesh Karaki whose shot on traget gets deflectio from defender and goalkeeper collects it with ease. 


37' Royal FC looking for the equalizer and making move early into Triveni Sporting's half. 


36' Second half is underway.... 


35'+1' Half time Royal FC 1-2 Triveni Sporting Club 


35' One minute of added time. 


33' Royal FC trying to find the equalizer as they are creatging some move in Triveni's half.


30' CHANCE AND SAVE!! Royal FC makes  fine save to deny Karna Limbu a sure goal show tries to beat the goalkeeper inside the box.


29' Triveni Sporint this time makes move from left wing as no#12 receives the ball from the defense clearance and place it for no# 6 Subeen who makes the cross to find No#8 Nagendra Limbu who fails to keep the ball in control 


27' Royal FC  creating move into Triveni's half and appeals for the foul as No#8 Kalu Limbu is broguht down but referee says play on.


25' GOOOAAALL! Triveni Sporting takes the lead. No#10 Bishal Rai gets the ball inside the box and he chips a high ball into the net giving no chance to goalkeeper to react.


22' Triveni Sporitng at the moment domnating the game as they are constantly pressing the Royal FC back line. 


19' PENALTY GOAL!!  Triveni's No#2 makes the cross from the right wing the ball hits the hand of Royal FC's defence Sumit Khawas appeal for penalty and referee has no hesitation in pointing towards the 12 yard spot. Karan Limbu takes the shot and makes no mistake.


17' CLOSE!!Free Kick for Treveni Sporting from around 40 yard distance and NO#8 Nagendra Limbu takes the shot that just misses the edge of the bar.


15' More of midfield play at the moment. 


12' Trevenis Sporting'sNo#9 Ganhesh Khardka makes an ambitious attempt from out side the box at left flank that goes wide of the post. 


10' SAVE! Royal FC goalkeeper makes a fine save. He brillinatly pulls the ball out that was heading towards the net. 


8' GOOAAALLL!! Royal FC takes the lead. A free kick from the center midfield finds No#10 Karan Rai in perfect position who neatly heads the ball into the net.


3' Triveni Sporiting at the moment keeping pressure on Royal FC defence line as they are frequent with the attack. 


1' We are off... 


Here the teams line up


Triveni Sporting Club: Dinesh Thapa, Dilen Limbu, Devendra Tamang, Surbeen Mainali, Bijay Darnal, Dinesh Karki, Hangu  Limbu,  Nagendra Limbu, Ganesh Khadka, Bishal rai, Karna Limbu,


Subs: Meen Basnet, Drabin Rai, Prabin Tamang, Budda, Goutam Chettri, Ankit Sharki, Krishna Chettri.


Royal  FC: Niraj Shani, Sumit Khawas, Gopal Ray, Saruka Limbu, Kanu Limbu, Karan Rai, Indrejeet Chettri, Akash Sarkar, Siva Chettri. Sonam RAi, Nani Limbu


Subs: Santa Pradhan, Liton, Adison Kindu, Nishu Shaibo, Tarun Roy, Raj Kimar Roy, Suraj Pradhan 


Hello and welcome back to Goalie365 for the live update of the first semifinal clash of Sukuna Gold Cup as Triveni Sporting Club takes on Royal FC at Sukuna High School Ground.

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