Sukuna Gold Cup

10/01/15  14:00  Sukuna Ground


Full Time

Full Time



8+3' Another attempt on Goal by Triveni SC as Karna Limbu does well to put in a brilliant cross from the right but there was no one around to take that final shot. 


80' 4 minutes of added time announced by the ref.


77' Biren Tamang of UKFC makes a desperate attempt on goal from quite a distance but lands straight into the hands of the keeper.


75' Another opportunity for UKFC to equalize as they are awarded a corner. Jiten takes the shot and finds his teammate who tries for a header but lands the ball a little wide off the left post.


68' UKFC now looking desperate to get that equalizer, Nima Tamang puts in a brilliant cross to find Eno. Enok takes his final shot but misses his target by a whisker, that was really really close, all the spectators were on their feet. This match is turning out to be a real treat for the spectators around


62' GOAL!!! Finally the dead lock has been broken and Triveni FC are now a goal ahead of UKFC Kurseong. Dinesh puts in a decent cross from the right which finds Ganesh Khadka. Khadka tries to head the ball but UKFC defender Arpan intercepts it but unfortunately the ball lands right in front of Triveni SC captain Karna Limbu who makes a quick pass to Bishal Rai who was also quick to return the ball back to Karna. Karna Limbu takes the final low shot on target past the keeper and into the net for a Goal.


61' Substitution: Another substitution for UKFC, Avinash Thapa off and in comes Ritesh.


60' Subeen of Triveni Sc puts in a brilliant cross from the left but UKFC keeper Pradip grabs the ball comfortably denying any of the strikers to make their move.  Both the keepers are in great form today and have been denying every opportunity on goal of their rival attackers.


54' Yellow Card: Subeen of UKFC gets booked for his reckless challenge on Mustaafa. The referee makes no hesitation in taking his decision.


53' Yellow Card: Enok of UKFC gets the first yellow card of the match for handling the ball.


51' Its Triveni on the attack again as Karna limbu puts in a well calculated cross to find Nagendra Limbu who takes the final shot on goal but ends up hitting UKFC defender Bappi Das on his feet and gets deflected out for a corner.


45' Brilliant save by Triveni Sc keeper Dinesh Thapa. Enok puts in an excellent cross from the left flank, it looked dangerous there as it could have been a goal for UKFC but the keeper Dhinesh Thapa was well alert as he moved out of his line and with a brilliant dive he punched the ball out to safety before any of his rivals could make their move.


41' UKFC makes their first substitution: Sujay Gurung off and in comes Jiten.


41'  2nd Half commences.




30' UKFC gets a quick freekick in the middle but nothing comes off it as it lands straight infront of Triveni Sc's defender and he is quick to clear the ball to safety.


25' Its past 25 minutes and both the teams are still unable to break the deadlock. The frustrations seems to be building up in the players. Triveni Sc however are looking more confident and they are also winning most of the midfield battles.


20' Bijay of Triveni tries his luck from quite a distance but ends up shooting way above the crossbar, his team mates were open in the left who could have taken that shot more comfortably. He was however quick to apologize to his team-mates for that reckless effort.


15' Bishal Rai takes it solo from the middle dribbling past three defenders but is well cleared by the last defender before he could take that final shot. The long shot made by UKFC defender finds UKFC striker Nagen Tamang open, he takes it inside the box but he was too slow to take that shot and got tackled by Dinal limbu.


To the followers of Goalie365. We will also be uploading the match highlights video to our facebook page so those who have missed out the live action and watch it in the evening from our page here: Facebook/Goalie365


10' Close!!! Triveni SC almost got the lead there as Karna Limbu drives down the right flank and puts in a brilliant cross which finds Nigendra Limbu. Limbu tries for a header but UKFC defender Bappi Das is well alert and is quick to clear the ball to safety.


6' Triveni SC is awarded a freekick by the referee just outside the box. Ganesh Khadka takes the freekick which finds Dinal Limbu who tries for a head but is cleared to safety with a brilliant volley by Sujay Gurung. 


3' UKFC with more possession of the ball in the early phase of the first half, almost got themselves an early lead over Triveni Sc as Enok takes it solo down the lane and drives in inside the box and puts in a brilliant low cross which finds Sujay Gurung. Gurung fails to take that final shot.


1' We have kicked off at Sukuna Local Football Ground, Triveni Sporting Club to start the proceedings. Excellent turn out today here at the local ground with more than 7000 spectators all gathered here for a thorough entertainment.


HEre are the lineups:-

Triveni S C: Dinesh Thapa, Nagendra Limbu, Dinal Limbu, Ganesh Khadka, Bishal Rai, Subeen Mainali, Devendra Tamang, Bijay Dhimal, Dinesh KArki, BUddha Chemzong, Karna LImbu,

Triveni Subs: Min Basnet, Prabin Rai, Prabin Tamang, Hangshu Limbu, Ankit Sarki.


UKFC: Pradeep Lama, Bappi Das, Arpan Tamang, Sagar Rai, Biren Tamang, Nima Tamang, Mustafa Maagbo, Nagen Tamang, Avinash Thapa, Enok, Sujay Gurung,

UKFC Subs: Subham, Raj, Ritesh, Arpan, Devashish, Jiten, Bhupen.


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the live updates of the Sukuna Gold Cup final match between Triveni SC Sukuna and UKFC Kurseong. We will be walking you through the live events as it happens here at the Sukuna Local Ground.

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