2nd Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup

19/01/15  14:00  Goethals Ground


Full Time

Full Time


80'+3' FULL TIME. Kanchanjunga FC 1-2 Territorial Army Darjeeling.


80'+1' CLOSE! TA almost increased the lead as NO#10 Subeer Mothey take the powerful shot form Just outside the box that sail just away missing the post by inches.


80' Three minutes of added time.


78' T.A  looks more content now with the 2-1 lead as they have moved back to more defending gameplay and KFC trying to take the advantage by keeping constant pressure on TA's Back line.


75' KFC  now look desperate to find the equalizer and created move No#27 Bidur Chettri gets the long cross inside the box but TA's goalkeeper collects the ball before it could caude harm.


70' CLOSE!! KFC's corner kick lands perfectly in danger area but finds no one to direct the ball. CHANCE WASTED!!


68' TA's No#8 Sunil Rai gets the booking  for the rackless tackle.KFC earns the free kick.


65' TA  Darjeeling at the moment taking control on game as they are more frequent on invading KFC back line and creating threat.


61' Free Kick for  T.A  just out side the box and No#12 Lakpa Tamang takes the shot stright to goalkeepers hand.


59'Free kick for  KFC and NO#7 Rigden Lama takes the shot and takes misses the edge by whisker. THAT WAS CLOSE!


55' CHANCE! TA's No#3 Yogendra takes the shot from outside the box that gets deflected

 for nO#15 Surjit Das but he is caught off side the lines man.


51' KFC'S No#7 Rigden Lama takes the shot from outside the box but straight to goalkeepers hand. 


46' KFC makes the move from rgiht wing as No#27Bidur Chettri gets the ball and runs to create the danger but cleared out for throw in.


41' KFC takes the second half underway...


Both the teams players are getting introduced to the Chief Guest Col. Aley who is the dupty Chief of G.T.A


40'+1' Half Time. T.A Darjeeling 2-1 Kanchanjunga FC.


40' One minute of added time.


37' GOOAALL!! T.A. Darjeeling takes gets the second. No#14 Rupman Rai gets the rebound inside the box after  KFC goalkeeper manages to push the ball from the left wing shot and Rumpan Rai makes no mistake in finding the net for second beating Goalkeeper.


30' Bit of midfied play at the moment as both the teams are trying to find the space to beat the back line in each others half.


24' KFC trying to get the second goal into TA's danger area and NO#9 Wangchuk  Tamang takes the shot from out side the box straight to goalkeeper.


Both teams have scored one goal each. Rigden Lama scored for KFC in 8th minute of the game and T.A's Lakpa Tamang gettign the equalizer in the 17 the minute.


We have already kicked off at Goethals Ground

Apology for the delay update of the play by play update due to some tech issue on our part.


Here's the teams line up:

 T.A :Ajay Nag, Sunil Rai, Ramesh rai, Lakpa Tamang , Yogendra Waling, Hemant Toppo, Satyam Sharma, Sabir Motey, Rupman Rai, Surjeet Das, Pritam Lepcha

Subs: Tshering Lepcha, Bhupen RAi, Arbdind Subba, Chakradhar Basumtari, Parimal Roy, Vinod Lohar,

Raju Shing, Newas Rana, Nipesh Sharma, Karan Thapa, Wanchuk Tamang, Rickden Lama, Agya Sharma, Nikash Tamang, Bidur Chettri, Prakash Roy,

SUbs: Nantu Majumdar, Pravash Chettri, Bikram Rai, Anmol Dahal, Nawag Tamang, Vishal Tamang


Hello and Welcome to Goalie365 for the live update of opening match of the  2nd Saheed Gold Cup as KFC takes on T.A Darejeeling at Goethal's Ground.

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