Knight CFC
2nd Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup

24/01/15  13:30  Goethals Ground


Full Time

Full Time



The winner is decided in sudden death.


Match will now be decide in tie-breaker. 




89' SAVE! Knight Chess earns the free kick from the left wing that is well take and no#11 Bikash Rai tries to direct the ball into net but goalkeeper Prakash Pradhan this time makes excellent save.  


88' Knight Chess earns the corner but wasted. 


87' Substitution for NBAP No#16 Kaushik Dutta No#18 Tapas Sarkar, 


86' Extrat time second half is underway... 


85' Extra time  first  half over.


85' Knight Chess gets the free kick from out side the box that saild over the bar. 


85' Substitution for NBAP No#8  Dinesh Pradhan OFF No#7 Pramit Barrick IN.


83' NB Armed Police NO#9 Tapas Sarkar plays an ambitious shot from outside the box that goes wide of the post.


81' NB Armed Police takes the first half of extra time underway... 


80'+2' Referee blows the final whistle.  The game will now move to extratime. 


80'+1' GOAL DISALLOWED!! NB Armed Police No#10 Rinchen Sherpa gets the ball inside the box unmarked but he was caught off side by lines man. 


80' Two minute of added time fourth referee has indicated.


78' Huge crowed is shoutin on each from inside the field. SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT!


75' Some heated argument inside the field as the tempo of game is  high and lots of pushing and dashiing is witnessed.


71' GOOOAAALL!!! NB Armed Police equlizes. No#10 Rinchen Sherpa makes the move from the left wing before makes the cross in danger area that was well received by No#9  Tapas Sarkar and pushes the ball into net  after a bit of tussel with defender.


67' Free kick for Knight Chess! long free kick fall just infront of the post goalkeeper miss judge the ball, fortunalty ball hits bar and rebounds still look danger but NBAP defender clears finally. BAD GOALKEEPING BY PRAKASH!! 


63' GOOAALLLL!! KNIGHT CHESS TAKES THE LEAD! No#9 Shakti Rai receives the ball just outside the box and he was well gaurded by NBAP defender to take the shot he passes it to No@10 RAjin Subba who back passes him, Shakti then makes  a fine cross inside the box who see team mates  Bikash Rai unmarked, Bikash receives the ball well and makes no mistake in finding the net past goalkeeper Prakash. BRILLIANT FOOTBALLING!!


59' WHAT A GAME HERE! Both the team now creating move in eachothers half as they looking to break the back line to take the lead. Attack and counter attack. Knight Chess 1-1 NB Armed Police.


56' NB Armed Police makes move this time from the left wing  as no#11 Amiyo Kr Ghosh runs makes the low cross but Nepal goalkeeper collects the ball well. 


52' GOOOAAAALLLLL!! Knight Chess equalizes. Nepal side makes the move from left flanks as no#17Prabin Rai collects the ball and makes high cross inside the box No#9 Shakti Rai this time makes a full jump to direct the ball into the net past goalkeeper Prakash Pradhan who dives to clear the ball but could not reach. Knight Chess constant pressure on NBAP back line finally get rewarded. ITS 1-1 NOW!!


49' CHANCE! Shakti Rai gets the high ball inside the box  form the center midfield he jumps to direct the ball into net but alert NBAP goalkeeper collects in second attempt. THAT WAS CLOSE!


47' Nepal side once agian makes the move from left wing No# Shakti Rau gets the long bal and  and goes for the shot but is been blocked and cleared by NBAP back line. 


44' Knight Chess looking for the equlizer early in second half play a long ball in NBAP half No#9 collects the ball but is been cleared by defender before he could take the shot.


41' Substituiton for NBAP Tamal Das OFF Mousam Biswakarma IN 


41' Knight Chess gets the second half underway....


Half Time. Knight Chess FC 0-1 NB Armed Police. 


40'+1' GOOAALLLL!!! NBAP takes the lead. NB Armed Police makes the move from the right wing as no#9 receives the ball and  makes fine cross inside the box #14 Jamshed Ali positioned himself well inside the box and take the shot beating defender and goalkeeper to find the net. 


40' One minute of added time. 


37' Knight Chess FC makes good midlfield play and No#9 Shakti gets the ball who fits for team mate Bikash Rai at the right wing who goes for the frist time shot but could not connect to ball well. Goal kick. 


35' NBAP Long ball from the center midfield to No#!4 Jamshed Ali but he could not reach and cleared by defender. 


31' Knight  Chess creates the danger from the left wing as No#9 Shakti Rai tips the high ball with  head and beats the defender but goalkeeper comes out of position to collec the ball before Shakti could reach.


28' NB Armed Police No#11 Amiyo Ghosh takes an ambitious shot from the right flank that sails way above the bar. 


26' Knight Chess makes the from right flank and NO#9 Shakti Rai makes the cross inside the box and NO#17 Pujan Upporkoti makes a first time shot that hits the defender and BIG APPEAL for PENALTY referee says play on.


21' OFF SIDE! Nepal No#7Sanuka Limbu gets the ball inside the box but is caught off side by lines man, ball anywats was goes out for goal kick. 


18' NB Armed Police gained confidence atfer that close call as they are now playing in Knight Chess territory at this moment. 


16' MISS!  NB Armed Police nearly get the equalizer as NO#11 Amoy Kr Ghosh gets the ball inside the box in open net after Nepal goalkeeper dispositions himself while trying to make a save but Amoy Kr Ghosh  could not connect to the ball well and the ball rebounds after hitting the post. BAD MISS!


12' NB Armed Police struggling at the midfield  as they are not able to read the phase of Knight Chess players who are looking better in the field


9' SAVE! Long free kick falls into the box into NO#11 Bikash Rai's feet  who take the frist time shot and NBAP goalkeeper Prakash Pradhan makes  a wonderful save with a dive, the ball rebound to no#10Rajin Subba whose powerful shot sails over the bar yet again. Nepal club looking strong at the moment.


8' NB Armed Police takeing time to settle into the game. Meanwhile Khight Chess earns the free kick from center midfield. 


6' ALMOST!! Knight Chess makes yet another dnager move. A long ball falls to No#9 Shakti Rai who plays to No#10 Rajin Subba collects the ball and takes the shot from just outside the box that sails over the bar. PRETTY CLOSE!


3' CHANCE!! Knight Chess makes a good move from left wing as No#17 Puajn Rai runs deep and makes fine cross inside the box No#9 Shakti Rai  heads the ball but could not keep the ball between the post.


1'  NB Armed Police kicks off the first half...


Referee Biplab Baroi is in charge of today's match and Subrato Ghosh and Prabir Moindal is assisting at the lines and fourth referee is Debjit Chettri.


Here are the teams line up.


Knight Chess: Binay Shrestra, Manish Gurung, Suren Thapa, Mitra Basnet, Sachindra Dhamal, Pujan Upporkoti, Prabin Rai, Sanuka Limbu, Bikash Rai, Shakti Rai, Rajin Subba


Subs: Nabin Subedi, Sujan Gurung, Jewan Gurung.


NB Armed Police: Prakash Pradhan, Ram kr Sarki, Debashish Sarkar, Tamal Das, Dinesh Pradhan, Abhishek Chhetri, Kaushik Dutta, Amiyo Kr Ghosh, Jamshed Ali, Rinchen Sherpa, Gyalsang Lama


Subs: Mousam Biswakarma, Pramit Barrick, Tapas Sarkar, Karma Wangol Lama, Niten Lama 


Hello and welcome back to Goalie365 for the live update of second quarter final clash in  Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup as Knight Chess Nepal takes on North Bengal Armed Police of   played at Goethals Ground.

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