2nd Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup

25/01/15  13:30  Goethals Ground


Full Time

Full Time

90'+2' Full time. Sikkim Boys 0-2 Football Kurseong. 


90'+1' Subsititution for Football Kurseong No#3 Sidharth Chettri OFF No#16 Dawa Bhutia IN. 


90'+1' Free Kick for Sikkim Boys  No#15  Novin Gurung takes the shot that is headed out of danger by defender.


90' Two minutes of added time. 


89' Sikkim Boys makes move from th left wing and the cross is well cleared by defender. 


88' Score line Sikkim Boys 0-2 Football Kurseong 


87' Substitution for Sikkim Boys No#14  Roshan Pradhan OFF No#19  Bikash Gurung IN. 


84' Free Kick for Kuresong and NO#2 Pranesh Dewan steps in to take the shot that sails wide. 


81' CHANCE!! Sikkikm the left wing cross fall inside the box deflected from defender to No10 Narbu who delays to take the shot and cleared by defender. 


79' Substitution for Football Kurseong No#7 Francis OFF No#9 Amu Sherpa IN 


78' An ambitious shot from Sikkim No#15 Novin Gurung straight to goalkeeper like a practice ball. 


76' Free kick for Football Kurseong from the center midfield as No#17 Arafat was brought down. 


74' Sikkim Boys are desperate to come back to game as they are trailingby 2 goals and tiem is ticking aways fast for them but their move is yet to fine the cutting eadge. 


70' No#17  Arafat gets the booking.


67' Football Kurseong now keeping Sikkim Boys back line busy defending.


65' CHANCE FOR FOOTBALL KURSEONG!! No#17 Arafat gets the ball just outside the box and he gets in deep with a fine footwork  before passing it to team mate  Narbu Lepcha who tries to take the shot but goalkeeper  Bimal Bagdas dives into his feet to collect the ball. GOOD SAVE! 


62' Football Kurseong this time goes deep in Sikkim Boys half and No#11  Vickey  Khayradem take the shot from outside the box that sails over the bar. 


61' Yellow card for No#2 Raja Chettri of Football Kurseong. 


60' Substitution for Sikkimm Boys NO#7Sanjay Chettri OFF No#18 Sanjeev Rai IN 


56' Football Kurseong No#7 Francis is down and is attended by medical team. Free Kick for Football  Kurseong that is wasted. 


54' Corner for Sikkim Boys but straight to goalkeers hand. 


51' More of ball play at Football Kurseong half at this moment. Sikkim Boys makes the move  again as no#14 Roshan Pradhan  plays one to one with No#12  Chitez Subba who fits ball in for No#10 Bir Pradhan but he was intrrupted and goalkeeper collects it safly. GOOD FOOTBALLING!


49' Sikkim Boys looking desperate to come back to game now and they have opened up their attack from the begining of second half. 


47' Sikkim Boys makes the move in Kurseong half as No#10   Bir Pradhan runs with ball before passing it to  Chitez Subba who takes an ambitious shot straight to goalkeeper. 


46' Sikkim Boys take the second half underway...


45' Half time. Sikkim Boys 0-2 Football Kurseong  


44' ALMOST! Football Kurseong gets yet another chance as they move inside the Sikkim box and No#7 Francis tries to take the shot but is been disturbed by defender and he pushes it to team mate Narbu Lepcha whose shot is again blocked by Sikkim defender. No harm at the end.


42' GOOOAAALLLLL!!  Football Kurseong doubles the lead. No#10  Narbu Lepcha receives the ball from the left and just inside the box and goes for the frist time shot to find the net. FANTASTIC GOAL!! ITS 2-0 for Football Kurseong. 


40' GOOOAAAAALLLLL!! Football Kurseong ends the dead lock. Francis gets the  long ball just outside the box and he takes the powerful first time shot giving no chance to goalkeeper to act. WHAT A GOAL!


38' CLOSE! No#10 Prince Lukas free kick is pushed away by Sikkim goalkeeper that falls to No#7 Francis feet who tries to direct the ball in but could not connect well and goes out for goal kick.


37' Football Kurseong keep constant pressure on Sikkim back line and earns the free kick at the right flank. 


35' Sikkim Boys this time gets the free kick from the left wing at around 45 yard area and no#5Dewa Lepcha steps into take the shot that goes straight to goalkeepers hand who struggles to collect in frist attempt and  holds in second attempt. 


32' Sikkim Boys still struggling in terms of position and coordination. 


28' Football Kurseong yet again makes the move inside the Sikkim Boys half as NO#7 Francis runs to reach the long cross but Sikkim custodian Bimal Bagdas is good at his position. 


25' Football Kurseong dominating the ball possession so far and they are more frequent in invading Sikkim Boys half.


21' Free kick for the Football Kurseong from around 35 yard. No#11 Sidharth Chettri steps into take the shot but kick it way above the bar.


19' Football Kurseong this time creates move from the right wing as no# 6 Sukraj Limboo runs to receive the long ball but could not reach.


16' More of midfield play at this moment as both the team trying to find the loop hole in each others half. 


14' BRILLIANT SAVE!! Sikkim Boys No#10 Bir Bdr Pradhan gets the ball just inside the 18 yard box and goes for the powerful shot that  is well punched away by alert Choden Das the Football Kurseong custodian. 


12' CHANCE FOR SIKKIM! No#15 Novin Gurung makes a good pass to team mate Bir Bdr Pradhan who goes for the shot form inside the box but is blocked by defender for the corner. 


10' Sikkim Boys settling into the game slowly as as they are now in good ball possession.


7' No#2  Raja Chettri steps in to take the shot but straight to goalkeepers hand.


6' Yellow card for Sikkim Boys No#3 Wangchuk Bhutia as he delibratley handles the ball. Free Kick for Football Kurseong from just out side the box.


3' Football Kurseong making an early move in Sikkim Boys box but no harm caused at the end 


1' Football Kurseong kick off the frist off.. 


Referee  Amitabha Guha is in charge of the game and is assisted by referee Subratoh Ghosh and Parthokar Choudhary and Sapan Sarkar is as fourth referee. 


Here are the teams line up todays match


Sikkim Boys: Bimal Bagdas, Dawa Lepcha, Bishal Chettri, Amit Pariwar, Sukrat Limboo, Santay Chettri, Novin Gurung, Chitez Subba, Wangchuk Bhutia, Bir Bdr Pradhan, Roshan Pradhan


Subs: Sanjeev Rai, Pappu Chettri, Bikash Gurung, Kamal Bagdas, Sishil Karti, Shensha Ansari, Tshipel Bhutia,


Football Kurseong: Choden Das, Lakpha Tsh Lepcha, Pranesh Dewan,  Raja Chettri, Dewas Tamang, Narbu Lepcha, Prince Lukas, Vickey Khayradem, Sidharth Chettri, Arafat,  Francis.

Subs: Joseph Sherpa, Aswan Rai, Amu Sherpa, Suman Pradhan, Jeet W. Tamang,  Dawa Bhutia, Sunny Tamang. 


Hello and welocme back to Goalie365 for the live update of third quarter final match of Kurseong Gold Cup as Sikkim Boys takes on Football Kurseong at Goethals Ground.

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