2nd Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup

26/01/15  14:30  Goethals Ground


Full Time
Gorkha B

Full Time



90' two minutes of added time announced by the referee. 


82' With not much time left, UKFC now looking desperate to get back into the game snd are trying every possible way to get past the defending wall of Gorkha B


76' Goal!!!Gorkha B was trailing in the first half and now they have earned themselves a lead of one goal. Dhurba Prasad the scorer. Prasad takes a well calculated shot from a distance, with none of the defenders marking him, he takes a powerful shot straight past the keeper and into the net.  


73' UKFC gets a quick freekick in the left flank. Ritesh Pradhan takes a quick one which finds Biren tamang who drives down the line before making a terrible cross that flies way above the goal post,  


70' Vikram of Gorkha B once again fires a miss calculated shot from a distance that ends with a goal kick. 


65' With more possession on the ball, Gorkha B attackers are looking dangerous, Vikram tries for a shot from quite a distance but lands no where near the post much to the relief of the UKFC keeper Ramesh. 


60' Close!!! Its Toppo once again, and this time he takes it solo straight down the line, The keeper moves forward to grab the ball, toppo however was quick to tap the ball past him. Toppos shot was cleared to safety by Bipen Thapa. Thapa has been guarding his territory brilliantly all the while. 


58' Brilliant display of Football by Gorkha B's Manoj toppo. He receives the ball in the right flank from where he drove in with the ball cutting past three UKFC defenders. Toppo then makes an excellent low cross but unfortunately none of his teammates were there to take the final shot.


55' Goal!!! Gorkha B  is back into the game, What a brilliant Freekick by Tshering Bhutia. Bhutia. This time he made sure not to miss out the opportunity. Bhutia takes a beautiful curvy freekick giving no chance to the keeper straight into the top right corner of the net. 


53' Gorkha B gets a Freekick just outside the box. Bipin Thapa of UKFC is not happy with the ref's decision. Tshering Bhutia prepares to take the shot. 


50' Substitution: Gorkha B: Biswajeet Ghosh off and in comes P Singh. 


48' Yellow Card: Tshering Bhutia Gorkha B


48' Yellow Card: Arpan Tamang UKFC 


48' A bit of Arguement on the filed as Arpan tamang of UKFC dangerously brings downTsherring Bhutia of Gorlha B. Bhutia looked dangerous until he was brought down by Arpan. Bhutia is not happy about it and starts the arguement. Referee Calms the situation and Books both the players. 


46' 2nd Half Commences. 


45' HALF-TIME : Gorkha B 0 - 1 UKFC Kurseong 


40' Substitution for UKFC: Bhupen Lama off and in comes Biren Tamang 


35' Close!!!Gorkha B almost got their much needed equalizer as their forward Tshering Bhutia takes the ball solo. With none of the UKFC defenders marking him, he drives in and takes a low shot  that cuts past the keeper and hits the right post, nothing comes off it as the ball is deflected out for a goal kick. It was close, very Close!!!!


30' Terrible, uncalculated shot from UKFC's Raj Rauth. He takes the shot from quite a distance  and lands no where near the post, That was an unnecessary shot, His teammates were open, should hvae played the ball to them as they were in a better position than him to take that shot.


25'  Yet another Freekick for Gorkha B. Pranesh takes a quick one and makes a low pass towards Manoj Toppo. Toppo strikes it towards the post but lands straight into the hands of the keeper. Gorkha B are getting a lot of opportunity to equalize but they have not been able to capitalize on it.


20' Gorkha B gets another freekick, this time from right end of the box. Manoj toppo takes a low freekick that looked dangerous but the Keeper was well alert and was able to collect the ball comfortably. 


15' UKFC's Goutam Thapa is awarded a Yellow Card by the referee for his reckless challenge. 


12' Yet another Chance for Gorkha B as they get a freekick just outside the box.  Awesh takes a scooping Freekick and once again Lokeshwar tries for a header but this time he fails to make contact.


8' Gorkha B gets an opportunity to equalize as they are awarded a corner by the referee. Manoj Toppo takes a brilliant corner kick which finds Lokeshwar who tries for a header but nothing much comes off it as it is palmed out by UKFC custodian Ramesh Biswakarma.  


6' UKFC still looking dangerous as their Captain Sujoy Gurung looked dangerous just outside the box. He tried to drive in before taking the final shot but was intercepted by Gorkha B defender Sujoy Rawat. Had the defender not been there it would probably have been the second one for UKFC. 


4' Goal!! UKFC takes an early lead, Ritesh Pradhan takes the ball solo all the way from the middle, drives inside the box with none of the Gorkha defenders around, Ritesh takes the shot and lands straight past the keeper into the bottom right corner of the net. 


1' We have kicked off at Goethals ground, UKFC initiating the proceedings of todays match. 


Here are the lineups:


UKFC: Ramesh Biswakarma, Bipen Thapa, Arpan Tamang, Bhupen Lama, Arpan Rai, Gautam Thapa, Ritesh Pradhan, Prabhakar Subba, Sujoy Gurung, Raj Rauth, Prashant Gurung.

UKFC Subs: Sandeep Malik, Iswor Rai, Basant Lepcha, Pawan Rai, Amir Rai, Kiran Pradhan, Biren Tamang 


Gorkha B: Vicky Singh, Sujoy Rawat, Girpeet Singh, Pranesh Subba, Awesh Gurung,  Manoj Toppo, Dhurba Prashad, Biswajeet ghosh, Lokeshwar singh, Tshering BHutia, Bikram Ashikari.

Gorkha B Subs: Sonam Bhutia, Vikey Chhetri, Ronesh Singh, Gurpeet Singh, Abdul Hamid, P Singh, Pushpa.


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the last quarter final match of the Kurseong Gold Cup between town Favourites UKFC and Gorkha B.

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