2nd Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup

27/01/15  14:30  Goethals Ground


Full Time

Full Time

FULL TIME. T.A Darjeeling 1-3 Football Kurseong. 


100' Subsitution for Football Kurseong Francis OFF Sunny Tamang I. 


99' Double Substitution for TA Darjeeling No#17 Satyam Sharma OFF No#16 Chakradhar IN  and NO#10 Subir Mothey OFF Arbin Subba


98' CHANCE!! TA Darjeeling  Subir Mothey tries gets the ball and tries a high ball from outsside the box that  misses the bar ny inches. 



96' Extra time secondhalf is underway... 


95' Extra time frist half over. 


94' GOOOAAALLL!! ITS THIRD FOR FOOTBALL KURSEONG! Arafat yet again receives the ball deep inside the box and take a well measrued high ball that cursl into net giving no chance to goalkeeper to react. WAHT A FINE GOAL!


92' GOOAALLLL!! Football Kurseong takes the lead. No17 Arafat receives the ball outside the box and runs in beating couple of defender and takes the shot that goes in past goalkeeper.


90'+1' Extrat time first half underway...


90+2' FULL-TIME TERRITORIAL ARMY 1 - 1 FOOTBALL KURSEONG. Match will move on the extra time.


90' Two minutes of injury time added.


75' Surjit Das of territorial Army tries for a powerful shot from a distance, the keeper however is well alert and stretches himself to palm it out for a corner. Sabir Mothey takes the corner which lands way above the post. 


73' We haven't had any substitutions from both the team and the players are looking exhausted on the filed. 


70' Sunil rai of territorial Army takes a quick freekick which finds Wongden on the right. Wongden ends with a reckless sloppy Shot towards the post with no power. the keeper has no problem collecting the ball.


67' Football Kurseong is awarded a corner by the referee. Khaidem takes the corner to which his team mate tries for a header but lands way above the post 


65' Satyam Sharma of territorial army makes a long pass towards Pritam Lepcha. With none of the defenders marking him he tries to make his final move but he is caught off side by the linesman.  


60' Francis drives down the left flank but is brought down by the the defender, he appeals for a freekick, referee does not look interested. 


57' Territorial Army gets a freekick, Wongden takes the shot and lands way above the post much to the relief of the golakeeper. 


55' Football Kurseong gets a freekick just outside the box, Khaidem takes the shot but is cleared to safety by the defender. 


50' Once again Territorial Army on the attack, Surjit Das makes a brilliant cross from the left flank which finds Pritam Lepcha, Lepcha however couldn't come up with the strike as he was marked by the rival defenders who cleared the ball to safety. 


48' Norbu Lepcha of Football Kurseong tries for a shot from quite a distance but fails to make any major impact as the keeper comfortably collects the ball. 


46' Territorial army still lloking confident, Hemant Toppo drives down the left flank and makes a brilliant low cross but the keeper was well alert and grabbed the ball well ending the attack. 


46' 2nd Half Commences. 


45' Its Half-time and the scores are level. No added time was given inspite of the long delay  


43 The decision has finaly been taken, The Goal has been disallowed as it was a clear handball, Territorial Army has accepted the decision and resumed to play, The Score is still
1 - 1 


37' The situation has now turned from bad to worse, The players looks confused and to worsen the situation the referee's are not sure of their decision. Wongden Tamang puts in a brilliant cross fromt the right flank which finds Pritam Lepcha who finishes with a shot past the keeper and into the net, The lines man indicated a hand ball with the referee failed to notice and awarded the goal to Territorial Army, Few seconds later he saw the linesman and once again changed his decision and dissallwoed the goal. Now the situation have tensed up and the players and the mangers of both the teams are threatning to boycot the match. The match is put to a halt at the moment. 


30' Francis looked dangerous there as he received a through ball in the left flank and drove inside the box but he was intercepted by the defender thus ending the attack


25' With almost equal possession on the ball and the scores level, it will be interesting to lfind out which team will get the lead.  


20' Yellow Card: Sunil Rai. 


20' Yellow Card: Arafat 


20' The Situation as turned a bit ugly here at Goethals Ground Kurseong. Both the team desperate to get the lead ends up in a heated arguement. Arafat dangerously brings down Yogendra Walling in the mid area, Referee is quick to award Arafat with a yellow Card, Walling's teammate Suil Rai not happy with the challanges tries to pick up an arguement with the players of Football Kurseong, ends up getting a yellow card too. 


15' The Scores are level now. Football Kurseong get a corner, Francis tries for a header off a corner but lands way out of his mark, end with a goal kick. 


10'  Goal!!! Territorial Army equalizes, Subir Mothey makes a brilliant first time shot off a cross that came from the right flank straight past the keeper and into the net. brilliant shot there by Mothey.


2' Goal!!! Football Kurseong gets an early goal. Vicky Khaidem the lad to score the goal. Khaidem drives in inside the box takes his first shot on target but the goalkeeper manages to palm it out. The ball lands once again in front of Khaidem and this time manages to net the ball post the keeper 


1' And we are off. 


Here are the lineups:-

Football Kurseong: Choden Devnath, Pranesh Dewan, Nayan Lepcha, Raja Chhetri, Diwas tamang, Prince Lucas, Norbu Lepcha, Siddarth Chhetri. Vickey Khaidem, Francis, Arafat Rai.

Football  Kurseong Subs: Joseph Sherpa, Ashwin Rai, Jeet Tamang, Suman Tamang, Amar Sherpa, Sunny Tamang, Sangam Tamang.


Territorial Army: Ajay Nag, Sunil Rai, Prames rai, Lakpa Tamang, Yogendra Walling, Hemant Toppo, Satyam Sharma, Wangden Tamang, Surjit Das, Sabir Mothey, Pritam Lepcha.

Territorial Army Subs: Tshering Lepcha, Arbin Subba, Rupman Rai, Binod Lohar, C Basumitry, Parimal roy, LC Roy. 


Hello and welcome to Goalie365 for the First Semi-final match  of the Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup Tournament between Football Kurseong and Territorial Army. We will be walking you through the live events update of the match as it happens here at the Goethals Memorial Ground Kurseong.

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