2nd Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup

30/01/15  14:30  Goethals Ground


Full Time
Gorkha B

Full Time

90+11' 2nd Half of extra-time is also over with the scores still level. We now move on to Tie-Breaker. 
90+7' Substitution: Dhurba Prasad off and in comes Gurjeet Singh for Lucknow Gorkha Brigade. 
90+7' Chance for Army as they get a corner. Dhurba Prasad takes the corner but the shot dosen't trouble the rivals much as the goalkeeper collects the ball with ease. 
90+6' 2nd Half of extra time commences. 
90+6' First Half of extra-time ends with the scores still level.  
90+5' Lukcnow Gorkha Brigade's Pushpa Das and tshering Bhutia plays a beautiful one two ball  but gets intercepted by the defender before they could make their final move.
with the scores now level, we now move on to Extra-time. 
90' One minute of added time announced by the referee. 
85' Close!!! Abdul Hamid who was substituted just a while ago receives a cross on the left. Hamid takes a powershot on goal from outside the box but Football Kurseong keeper replied back with a spectacular save.
80' FK is awarded a quick freekick in the middle, Khaidem takes a long shot which finds Pranesh Dewan inside the box. Dewan tries for a header but lands straight into the hands of the keeper. 
75' Gorkha Brigade gets a freekick just outside the box on the left. Bikram Adhikar takes the shot....CLOSE!!!!!. Adhikari directs the ball straight towards the post but is cleared by the defender right on time. The shot looked dangerous......Brilliant freekick by Adhikari. 
70' Yellow Card: Vicky Khaidem of Football Kurseong. 
68' Goal!!!! Football Kurseong equalizes. Corner taken by Siddanth Chettri finds Arafat who takes a powerful first time shot straight past the keeper and into the net. The scores are again Level. Football Kurseong 1 - 1 Lucknow Army
66' Goal!!!!! Lokeshwar Singh breaks the deadlock as he finds the net straight past the keeper into the bottom right corner. 
65' Awesh Gurung's throw in from the right hits Arafat's hand who is inside the box, the referee makes no hesitation in handing penalty to Lucknow Army. Lokeshwar Singh prepares to take the penalty for Lucknow Army. 
61' Yellow Card: Gurpeet Singh of Lucknow Gorkha Brigade. 
60' Heated argument among the players in the field  as the Football Kurseong players are not happy with the Challenge on Arafat by Army defenders. The referee intervene to calm down the situation and hands yellow card to Gurpeet Singh. 
56' Substitution: Manoj Toppo off and in comes Abdul Hamid for Lucknow Army. 
55' Arafat puts in a brilliant through ball for Sangam Tamang who takes a first time shot on goal, The shot looked dangerous but the Army keeper Vicky is well alert and jumps hai to tap the ball out for a corner. The corner is taken but cleared well by the defender. 
48' Nigerian attacker Francis of Football Kurseong drives in with the ball evades a sliding challegne before attempting a shot on goal. Nothing much comes off it as the ball flies way above the goal post.
46' 2ND HALF commences. 
44' Francis dribblles past a defender and tries for a shot on goal from outside the box. NOthing comes off it as his shot lands way above the goal post much to the relief of Army keeper Vicky Singh.
43' The game has resumed once again 
38' GAME PAUSED: The game has been put to a halt once again. 
35' Bikram Adhikari of Lucknow Army puts in a Cross from the right Flank which finds Tshering Bhutia just outside the box. Bhutia takes a first time shot stright into the hands of the keeper.  
30' Awesh  Gurung of Lucknow Army Puts in a brilliant Cross from the right wing but none of his teammates are around to receive the cross, FK defender clears the ball but once again lands in front of Gurung. Gurung this time makes a low pass to Suraj Rawat but the keeper intercepts it before rawat could make his move.
28' There referee has warned Arafat for tackeling from behind, Arafat is lucky to have escaped booking this time. 
26' Diwas Tamang of Football Kurseong puts in a brilliant cross for his teammate Siddanth Chettri but the defender is well alert and clears the ball to safety before Chettri could make his move.  
25' The game has resumed but the vision is still not very clear. 
20' GAME PAUSED: The game as been put to a halt by the ref as the vision is nill with so much mist in the air. 
15' CLOSE!!!!! Sidanth Chettri of Football Kurseong gets a through ball, Chhetri drives in to take the final shot but the keeper is well alret and dives forward to intercept the ball from him. That was Close.
10' Football Kurseong gets a freekick in the center.  Pranesh Dewan takes a long and powerful freekick which the Army Keeper Vicky Singh tries to collect it but slips off his had and goes out for a corner. Nothing Comes off the corrner as it is cleared to safety by the Army defener.
6' Lucknow Army looked dangerous there as Bikram Adhikari scoops the ball from the center mid area for Lokeshwar Singh. Singh however is cought offside by the linesman. 
2' Loose attempt on goal by Dewas Tamang of Football Kurseong. Tamang recieved a pass from Teammate Sangam Tamang from the Left wing, Diwas tries for a shot on goal from way outside the box and lands no where near the post. The attack ends with a goalkick. 
1' We have kicked off here at the Goethals Memorial Ground. Army initiating the proceedings for todays match. 
With so much mist here at the Goethals ground, the view is almost nill 
A minute of silence is observed in the field in the memory of Politician and leader Subhash Ghising who left for heavenly abode last night.  
The players are making their way to the ground along with the officials for todays match, Ist referee Bikram Chakraborty, lines men Nakal roy and Dhurba Das Sharma and the fourth official Biplab Barai. FiFA anthem plays in the background. 
Here are the lineups for todays final:-
Football Kurseong: Choden Devnath, Lakpha T Lepcha, Pranesh Deewan, Dews Tamang, Raja Chhetri, Prince Lukas, Sangam Tamang, Siddanth Chettri, Vicky Khaidam, Francis, Arafat.
Football Kurseong Subs: Joseph Sherpa, Amar Sherpa, Aswain Rai, Dawa T Bhutia, Jeet Tamang, Suman Pradhan, Sunny Tamang.
LucknowGorkha B: Vicky Singh, Awesh Gurung, Gurpeet Singh, Pramesh Subba, Suraj Rawat, Lokeshwar Singh, Dhurba Prasad, Pushpa das, Manoj Toppo, Tshering Bhutia, Bikram Adhikari.
Lucknow Gorkha B subs: Sonam P Bhutia, Abdul Hamid, Romesh Singh, Gurjeet Singh, Biswajit Ghosh, P Singh, Vicky Chhetri. 
Its pretty cold here at Kurseong Today but the weather hasan't stopped the football enthuiasts from in and around this small town to turn out in huge numbers to witness what we think would be an epic Final match between Home Team Kurseong Football and visitors Lucknow Gorkha Brigade.
12 teams entered the 2014-15 Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup only two remain. Either Football Kurseong or Lucknow Gorkha Brigade will be crowned winners of the 2nd Kurseong Saheed Gold Cup by the end of the day, and kick-off is only half an hour away. This is Goalie365 and we will be guiding you through the 2nd Kurseong Saheed Gold cup final over the next couple of hours.

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