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I-league 2 Division

04/04/15  15:15  Kanchanjangha Stadium (Slg.)


Full Time

Full Time

90'+3' Full Time. Lonestar Kashmir FC 1-0 PIFA Sports 


90' Three minutes of added time. 


87'  Substitution for Lonestar Kashmir  FC Asif Majeed IN S.K. Faiaz OFF


83' SAVE! Lonestar Kashmir FC S.K. Faiaz collects the ball inside the box and chips in to beat the PIFA goalkeeper James Swamy but he brilliantly pushes the ball that hits the bar  comes out. BRILLIANT SAVE!


80' Substitution for PIFA SPorts  Zeeshan Shaikh IN Sujit Pandey OFF 


76' Corner for Lonestar Kashmir FC, no harm athe end of the thoguh.


74' Yarmipei Shangh goes for the long range this time and keepers collects it well. 


70' Substitution for Lonestar Kashmir FC Vinay Kumar IN Shahnawaz Bashir OFF 


68' Lonestar Kashmir looking better now as they are hold the ball possession and is keeping PIFA defense busy.


65' More of midfield play at the moment. PIFA trying to get the equalizer but is not really able to break in Lonestar back line. 


57' Substitution for PIFA Pranay Daniell IN Pushkar Banger OFF 


55' GOOOAALLLL!! Lonestar Kashmir FC takes the lead. Rohit Kumar gets the ball inside the box and makes no mistake in beating the goalkeeper.


53' AJAY SINGH! he gets the fine ball from  Amandeep Singh but Ajay fails to keep control on ball as he was intrrupeted  by PIFA defender. 


52' Subsititution for PIFA Sports Sumit Sarkar IN Ganesh Kamath OFF 


48' Lonestar Kashmir  with the counter attack as Amandeep Singh runs with ball from the midfield and fits in for Ajay Singh who makes a fine cross inside the box and Rohit Kumar tries to divert the ball with his head but could not connect it well.


46' PIFA sports takes the second half underway... 


45'+2' Half Time: Lonestar Kashmir FC 0-0 PIFA Sports 


45' Two minutes of added time. 


40' PIFA Sports keeping the ball possession at the moment. 


37' Corner for PIFA, no harm at the end.


33' PIFA this time  makes move from left. Yarmipei Shangh makes a fine cross inside the 18 yard box but Ozowala Elvis could not connect with his head.


30' PENALTY MISS!  Kareem Nurain take the shot that sails over the bar. They should have been leading 1-0 by now.


30' Penalty for Lonestar Kashmir FC.  


29'  Lonestar FC Kareem Nurain  goes for the 20 yarder powerful shot but could not keep it low.


26' PIFA's  osby Ozowala Elvis  but straight to keepers hand.


23' PIFA sports creating move with some good short passes but that fails to go deep in Lonestar danger area.


21' SHOT! Bisheshwor Singh  this takes the chance and hits the 30 yarder shot but that straight to PIFA goalkeeper.


19' Free kick for Lonestar Kashmir and  Kareem Nurain shot hits straight to the wall. 


17 PIFA this time tries to creat move from the left wing as Yarmipei Shangh makes the cross inside the danger area but no one to disturb the keeper. 


15' Faiaz yet again receives a fine fitting but he fails to keep the ball in his feet. WASTED. 


12' Lonestar Kashmir S.K Faiaz receives the long ball from the midefield at the right wing but he could not keep control on the ball. 


9' Lonestar Kashmir looked confident in the field today. In their prvious encounter they have defeated Mohammedan Sporting 2-1 and they hope to keep their win track continue.


5' Both the team setteling into the game  gradually. 


1' We have kicked off...


Heres the team lineups: 

PIFA: James Swamy, Roshan Karmaran, Sujit Pandey, Ozowala Elvis, Ganesh Kamath, Agyemang Opoko, Pushkar Banger, Jaydeep Panaker, Yarmepei Shangh, Yogesh Rawat, Sandesh Gadkari.


Subs: Rahul Yadev, Mithilesh Patel, Sumit Sarkar, Lester Creado, Zeeshan Shaikh, Deep Moorjani, Pranay Daniell. 


Kashmir: Lousigam Ashok Singh, Wasim Feroz, Kareem Nurain, Harpreet Singh, Gagandeep Singh, Shahnawaz Rohit Kumar, Bisheshwor Singh, Amandeep Singh, SK Faiai, Ajay Singh.


Subs: Naveen Kumar, Gautam Mehra,  Sheikh AshiqMusthaq, Vinay Kumar, James Singh,  Asif Majeed, Mansoor Ahmed.