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2017-05-20     12:46:07am

Atletico Football Kurseoong won therir first Premier League encounter at Victorial School Ground

The first edtion of new Kurseong Premier League under new format kicked off today with Athletic Football Kurseong smashing a huge  11-2  aginst Makaibari Spt. CLUB. Kurseong.

In the second match, Naya  Busty FC secured 1-0 win over  Montiviot Sporting SC

The Kurseong Gorkha Hill Sports Association earlier had abolished the division tier league and adopted one format wherein the association has decided to give entry to top eight teams from the subdivision.

The last three teams a the end of the season enter the PLAYOFF stage with the three other teams relegated last season.

Informing Goalie365 KGHSA Secretary Nirmal Gurung said," We will now conduct only one league there will be no Superdivision or second division league now on. The eight-team will fight for their supremacy in the area."

"However at the end of the season, the last three team will play "playoff" matches to qualify for the next season of the Kurseong Premier League."Added Mr. Gurung

Participating teams: 

1. Athletic Football Kurseong
3. Soccer Boys
4. Montiv0it United Club
5. Young Gorkha Football Club 
6. Naya busty football club 
7. Makaibari Spt. Club
8. Goethals Siding Youth Club