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2017-05-25     05:58:26pm

Skills aside, Footballers in Siliguri Premier League offered something else too

It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifices and unlimited hours of practices to become a footballer and more so to get their talents on the field noticed. In my opinion, there are two important things that differentiate a good footballer from a regular person like me. Number 1. is their ability to play good football and No. 2 is their hairstyles. 

World class footballers like David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar and the likes have always been considered as the style statement of football. It has always amused me that these superstars set a trend whenever they change their haircut no matter how ridiculous it looks, they have their Fans that follow their moves and styles.

2017 Siliguri Premier League was no different. We were able to witness some of the mind-blowing skills, goals, and saves that our local players had to offer. While the tournament itself gave us some of the fiercest action on the field, Some of the players on and off the field definitely got my attention with their hairstyles. I couldnt help but get amused with their hairstyles.

Here are some of those styles that we found interesting and were able to capture. I hope it catches your attention as much as it did mine. 
Karan Rai from Royal FC. His Hair Cut was very similar to Barcelona forward and Brazilian International Neymar Jr., Half Spike, little bent towards the left and a combination of black and blonde.

Bishal Rai from Amukta Pariwar. Every strand of hair on his head spelled out Manchester United forward and French International Paul Pogba. He missed out on the Leopard prints on either side though.

Bidur Chettri from Amukta Pariwar. His Pony Tail reminded me of the Divine Pony Tail of Roberto Baggio, former Italian International.

Timothy of Royal FC. His hair style was almost Similar to that of Taribo West, former Nigerian Defender, except for the fact that the latter had fluorescent Green color highlighted and looked a bit ridiculous.
Speaking about ridiculous haircuts, there wasn´t anyone with Brazilian Striker Ronaldos 2002 World Cup cut and also Giovanni Simeone son of Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone...