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2015-02-17     11:05:06pm

FC Pune City defender Anupam Sarkar has signed for Georgian football Club FC Adeli on a four month loan


Following footsteps of his team mates Israil Gurung and Manish Maithani who recently moved to Portugese Club, FC Pune City defender  Anupam Sarkar has signed for Georgian football Club FC Adeli on a four month loan.


Anupam caught the attention of  FC Adeli Technical Director Mr. Philippe De Ridder during his displays for the Pune club in the inaugural season of ISL that concluded this December


The deal further emphasizes how Indian football is benefiting from ISL and how clubs like FC Pune City are working to develop their Players and help them gain international experience in Europe.


, CEO of FC Pune City  Gaurav Modwel, said that, “I am sure that this loan stint will help Anupam to become a better footballer. I've always believed that ISL will help Indian footballers to develop themselves and showcase their talent and now its up to them to grab the opportunities that come their way. I am sure Anupam will remain focused and train hard with his new team. FC Adeli moved really fast with us on this transfer and I am happy that they have also agreed to include in the Loan Agreement a minimum number of games in which Anupam will feature. This shall ensure Anupam gets opportunities to show his prowess and the experience he gains from it shall prove invaluable for him in his career. ”


Philippe De Ridder, Technical Director and Manager of FC Adeli who scouted Anupam said, "When I got to know from FC Pune City that Anupam was available, I did not hesitate to share it with my President. I am convinced he will do a good job here. Every player, no matter the age, continues to learn every day if he has the right people around him. ISL, and all the clubs participating in it, did bring Indian football on a right track. The better the players are, the better the league is. Indian fans deserve that. FC Adeli and myself are pleased to give a hand in that direction and wish Anupam all the very best in Georgia"


Levan Adeishvili, President of FC Adeli said, I was aware that India was developing football through the ISL but it's only when I started to work with Mr. Philippe De Ridder that I agreed to bring in an Indian football player. He convinced me that Anupam Sarkar could help our team for the next 4 months. I am also very happy to know that FC Adeli is the first Georgian club everto bring in an Indian player in the championship. I really hope Anupam Sarkar will do well here and I would also like to thank FC Pune City and I hope we build a good relationship with them."


Anupam Sarkar was ecstatic as well and said, “I cannot wait to begin this new chapter in my career. I am thankful to my Club FC Pune City and FC Adeli for providing me with this chance to go abroad and play in Georgia. I am excited to train and put in my best effort to help my team and my team mates”.


With this, FC Pune City has successfully sent three of its players to Europe on loans. FC Pune City remains the only club out of 8 ISL clubs to achieve this. The future looks bright for Indian football as more and more players can now hope to move abroad and train with the best of facilities and play in tougher European leagues.