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2016-04-04     10:08:25am

Shifted Kolkata derby was full of entertainment, the action, and drama. Relive the moment with pictures if missed the action

The Kolkata Derby Kick-off at Kancanjunga Stadium in front of around 30000 crowd.
East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan 
The Kolkata Gaints tussels in the midfield for the ball.
East Bengal v Mohun Bagan 
The North East Hero: Sanju and Jeje batteling for the possession... .
Sanju and Jeje
CAUGHT IN ACTION: Luciano gets the booking 
FIRST GOAL: Do Dong-Hyun getting his first I-league goal from the Penalty Spot.
Dong socres 
THANKING GOD!! Do Dong THANKS God after his first Goal.
Do Dong 
EAST BENGAL FANS: Celebration after the goal.
East Bengal Fans 
Mohun Bagan Fans Cheering for their Team
Mohun Bagan Fans 
Katsumi Yusa trying to break Red and Gold wall...
Katsumi Yusa 
 MISS PENALTY!! Jeje missing the crucial penalty in the injury time of second half.
Red and Gold Brigade celebrate the Maha Derby win.
East Bengal Celebration 
HERO OF THE MATCH!! Do Donghyun with his Hero Of The Match Award.
Do Donghyun