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2016-06-05     11:12:28pm

A club that is inspired by Manchester United and kept the football live in small town since last 27 years...
The journey of one of the oldest clubs in Darjeeling United Kurseong Football club (UKFC) has been a long one with numerous ups and downs in their building process.

The idea of forming the club took place in 1989 but the club came into existence in 1991.

The initial motive of the club’s formation was to break down the dominance of Darjeeling in domestic football matches. 
Some very talented youngsters from Kurseong had come up with the idea of playing together for the region back in 1989.

Initially it was just for fun, but as the time passed by, the motive to perform and win became stronger and rigid.

The club’s loyal supporters also played a very important role in its formation. They supported their home team wherever and whenever they played. The support was intact, no matter what the outcome was.

Their famous slogan “Jeete pani hare pani, UKFC” can still be heard whenever the team plays at home. This portrays the love for their club in the region.

In the beginning, the team played in different local tournaments, one of them being the Supernova cup. Later after the formation of DGHC, the club started playing Inter constituency matches.

By then the core of the UKFC started taking its shape, some started thinking of naming the new born club. Finally the name UKFC was chosen taking or drawing inspiration from Manchester United Football Club.

By now UKFC has become very popular in the region; it has many trophies under its belt. The club has also launched its official website recently, and its journey to continue to exist with excellence carries on.