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2016-11-23     09:53:18am

ASUD FC hired Share FC players for the ongoing 10th North East Tamchon Football Tournament.

Issac Lepcha, Sonam Lepcha, Samip Gurung and Dewasis Rai, Share FC trained,  featuring in the 10th North East Tamchon Football Tournament  on loan for  ASUD TODO FC, a  football club from Arunachal Pradesh Based in Delhi.

The North East Tamchon Football Tournament is an annual Northeast Community football tournament, which caters and works for exposing the young talents of the region to the various national and international platforms. 
It started in 2007 in memory of (L) RN Tamchon, the then ACP Delhi Police. The tournament features various teams from North-East India, representing respective communities residing in the national capital.  It is organized by the Tangkhul Naga Society Delhi with support from various government and other agencies.

More than 3000 football players have participated in the tournament so far and More than one hundred players who played in this tournament are now placed in the most elite national and regional football clubs of the country.

The North East Tamchon Tournament was initiated with the dual aim of promoting the latent talents of the youth of the region in sports and thereby fostering “UNITY, FRIENDSHIP, UNDERSTANDING and SPORTSMANSHIP” within the northeast community and amongst different communities of Delhi. 

The Tournament has truly become an important event of the Northeast community of Delhi to display the rich diverse cultural heritage of the region to the country and the world. 

The tournament provides not only an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate their rich culture, but it has also provided many budding artists, the platform and a chance to show their talents.